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Hair Thinning Scissors on Wet or Dry Hair

One common mistake people make when using thinning shears is deciding to thin out wet or dry hair.

This article doesn’t have to be a long guide on using thinning scissors on wet and dry hair, as we have other articles that talk more about using thinners and texturizing shears.

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Hair thinning scissors can be used on wet and dry hair, but experts and professional hairstylists will recommend using them on dry hair.

As you use thinning and texturising scissors at the end of the haircut, you will need to blow-dry the wet hair before using thinning shears on them.

If you use thinning scissors on wet hair that has just been washed, the strands of hair are weaker and more prone to breakage and damage.

Hair clumps together when wet, making it harder to thin out the right amount of hair.

The most significant danger with thinning scissors is over-using them and causing hair damage.

So make sure that you use thinning scissors on dry hair so that you can avoid damage and over-using (thinning out) the hair.


  • I have only ever heard of using these on dry hair as you can take off too much hair when it is wet. Wet hair is a lot more dense and heavy and you can easily over-estimate what you are cutting. I think using them on slightly damp hair is okay but it is best to use them on dry hair to see true results whilst cutting the hair.


    Rene M.

  • Apparently thinning scissors can damage wet hair. My question is whether this article is written for hair care professionals or people who cut their friends’ hair. I’d like to think the professionals know better.


    Connor Keith

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