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Do Thinning Shears Make Hair Frizzy?

One of the most common questions asked about thinning scissors is "does it cause frizz" and "should I let me hairdresser use thinning scissors on my frizzy hair?"

An experienced hairdresser will always understand how to use thinning scissors on various hair types, but you should always be cautious when you have extra frizzy hair.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about frizzy hair and if you should use texturizing or thinning shears on your hair!

What happens after hair frizzes are resolved?

Hair cuticles contain little shingles, which protect hair strands from the weather.

As hair becomes dry, and damaged its appearance is similar to a pine cone: it's open, rough, and prickly.

The hair shaft can be damaged and opened up, which allows beneficial moisture to escape. However, moisture from the atmosphere can enter the hair shaft and cause it to swelling and changing shape. Also, it can become frizzy.

What is the best way to style frizzy hair?

It is important that your stylist cuts your hair bluntly using regular scissors. The blunt cut doesn’t mean you have to stop layering. However, you will still need some weight at the base of your hair in order to control frizz.

Why is my hair frizzy

Did you realize that nine out of ten people have frizzy, curly hair? While some people think it is genetic, others are more likely to have frizzy hair because they have used too many heat and shampoos that contain detergent.

Are There Any Risks When Using Thinning Scissors on Frizzy Hair?

Curly hair that has been cut with hair thinning scissors will become frizzy. It is more likely to be split or broken by the curls.

The hair is responsible. Each person has different hair types. They grow at different rates. You can create unwanted frizz by cutting individual strands. These strands help to reduce the overall length of other strands.

While we all know what thinning shears are, how do we use them? Thinning shears are scissors with teeth on the one side of their blade. The blade's other side is straight and can be used for cutting hair to lose weight or soften/blend unwelcome lines. These teeth also have small grooves, which allow stylists the ability to cut every second or third strand of hair without losing their length.

How do you manage your frizzy hair to keep it straight?

The best way of controlling frizzy hair, is to use the correct products. There are products for frizzy hair with different textures. You should apply the product on damp hair to ensure it is absorbed. Instead of rubbing your hair, wrap a towel around your head.

Do some people naturally have frizzy hair

In short: Yes.

Some people have naturally curly hair. This hair is dryer because the natural oils in your scalp can't travel the length of the hair shaft as efficiently as straight hair. This causes natural frizz to develop, especially when individual hairs aren't bonded together to form a defined curl.

Even though your hair is straight, it can still get frizzy. People with straighter hair are more likely to notice frizz when their hair gets damaged or dry or hot weather.

What causes hair Frizz?

Dryness is the primary cause of hair frizz. You have many options to dry your hair or increase frizz.


This is how your hair will get frizzy in hot, humid summer days (or on vacation somewhere warm).

The dry Cuticle becomes rough and exposed for humidity.

Humidity makes hair frizzy and dry because the outer layer absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere and swells.

You should wash your hair with very hot water

Hot water can have the same effect as humidity. Davis claims that this can also stress your hair and scalp, which generates beneficial oils.

It's best to rinse your hair in warm water.

Harsh hair products

Harsh chemicals or chemical products can strip hair's natural oils. Your natural oils smooth your hair, so getting rid can cause your hair to frizz up.

Harsh hair products could include:

  • hair colour
  • Perms
  • products containing sulphates
  • Products that contain alcohol

Excessive bleaching, or bleaching, hair can be damaged by formulas that contain high levels of ammonia. It can feel rough to touch, steal its shine, and cause frizz.

Heat styling

Hot styling tools always harm your hair. You should avoid using them every single day.

She suggests that you also look into conditioners and oils for heat styling to minimize heat damage.

Hair washing too much

Washing your hair daily can strip your hair its natural oils to keep it healthy.

Davis says there is no reason to wash your hair more frequently than two to three times, depending on what type of hair you have. If you do this, the shampoo will cause the hair to become dry and brittle, especially if it is foamy.

Do your hair in a towel?

Waldman explains that friction created by brushing with nylon bristles on your hair or towel drying can cause annoying frizz.

Instead, use a towel or a soft brush to dry your hair.

What Is The Problem With Using Thinning Scissors On Frizzy Hair? 

Curly hair can be cut using a technique you are familiar with. You can curl your hair, but you must know how to do it correctly. It can be difficult to manage curly hair after it's been straightened. This could lead to major styling issues that may take several weeks to fix.

What is The Solution With Using Thinning Scissors On Frizzy Hair?

It is not possible to cut curly hair the same way you would for straight hair. You must imagine and visualize the possibilities of adding volume to your hair, or reducing it. Curly hair naturally has volume and bounce, so you will need to be able to cut it properly.

What Are The Alternatives To Thinning Scissors For Frizzy Hair Types?

Helps to control bulk by adding styling and movement. Many people believe that you must cut the curls shorter to add volume. However, you don't necessarily have to cut your hair for volume—understanding how density and volume work is all you need. If you are trying to reduce the volume of your hair, you might reach for the thinning scissors. This will cause frizzy hair and more styling problems in most cases, but it won't reduce the bulk. Thinning shears have the unfortunate side effect of reducing your defined hairline. You need to know how to reduce curly hair's bulk. This requires precise, controlled cutting that reduces bulk and adds movement to the right places. My Tunnel Cut does exactly that.

Final Note regarding Frizzy hair and Thinners:

I use them when clients need them. But that's just when and if. Don't ever put your hair up too high.

The wrong way to thinning curly hair can cause it to look stringy or frizzy.

Do not attempt to cut hair yourself if you aren't a skilled stylist. A stylist who can work with curly hair might not be available. Ask around.

Stylists, remember curly hair is unique. Curly hair isn't straight. Sometimes, you will have to trim it unevenly in order to make it look even.

Yes, it is bad. Because you are thinning your hair, it will make it frizzier and more likely to suffer from split ends or breakage. A professional stylist should be able to cut your hair. Embrace your curls.

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