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Which way up do you use thinning scissors?

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our customers is “which way up should I use my hair thinning scissors” so we have decided to make a short article about this.

Hair thinning scissors have two blades, one with teeth and the other without.

When holding your pair of hair thinning shears or texturizing scissors, you should have the teeth facing upwards towards the ceiling and the cutting blade facing downwards to the floor.

When holding these on the side, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the thinning scissor teeth should be facing outwards. The cutting blade should face inwards.

Here is a picture that shows you how you should how thinning scissors when cutting, blending or texturizing hair.

Which way up to hold hair thinning scissors

Each pair of thinning scissors is designed to thin out hair, and if you face them in the wrong direction, you can cause damage to the hair, including tugging, pulling breakage, and split-ends.

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  • Fantastic! I’ve heard people say the devil is in the details so thanks for this easy peasy explanation on how you hold thinning scissors. When it comes to cutting hair, you need more than the right hair cutting scissors, you need the knowledge of how to use them, hold them, and when to use them. Hair cutting isn’t as easy as it might look.


    Freddie E.

  • So simple yet I had no idea! I started using thinning scissors this year and I have been enjoying to results but I noticed that my hand cramps and I have to turn my fingers in an awkward way to get the right cut. Little did I know, I was holding them the wrong way! I wish someone had told me but I guess people just assumed it was how I used them since I got the desired results. Those look like a fantastic pair of scissors. I kind of want them! Look a lot better than the ones I got on Amazon.



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