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The Price Of Hair Thinning & Texturising Scissors

Hair thinning and texturising scissors come in a wide variety, but how much should you expect to pay?

You can buy a pair of thinning scissors for less than $50, but they will not perform as well.

The craftsmanship of hairdressing thinning and texturising scissors is delicate. 

The most common teeth used is V-shaped, Serrated or Prism shaped teeth.

Compared to cutting scissors, the thinning scissors require better steel to perform without tugging or pulling.

The minimum required materials for thinning scissors is hardened stainless steel, and these pairs usually cost $150.

The better the material the sharper the teeth and you will have a consistent thinning rate.

Japanese Scissors offers premium materials that really enhance the thinning and texturising experience.

The Price Of Thinning Scissors

Here is our quick summary of how much you will pay for hairdressing thinning and texturising scissors.

 Thinning Type Material Price
12 Teeth 440C $199
16 Teeth 440C $199
30 Teeth 440C $249
40 Teeth 440C $249
Texturising VG10 $399
Thinning VG10 $399
Thinning Stainless Steel $149

With the higher quality of steel you getwith a higher price, the edges of the scissor teeth have sharper points and a higher integrity.

If you are looking for a cheaper price,  them you can still get decent cutaway performance from your thinners with stainless steel.

But how much should you pay for professional thinners needed for everyday use? We would say anywhere between $249 and $399.

Higher quality means you sharpen less often and you end up saving money within 12 to 24 months.

If you are looking for a cheaper price for home or practice hairdressing,  then a stainless steel Jaguar or Mina pair of texturizing Shears are only $149. 

Most professionals pay for the Jaguar Jay 2 or Mina Jay thinners to use for practicing. The low price point of $100-149 makes it an easier purchase for everyday practice.

Overall, the price of good quality thinning and texturising scissors has never been cheaper! So start shopping and message us if you have any questions about scissors!

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