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Hairdressing scissors are available both online and in retail stores, but the majority of sales in the USA since 2020 has been online.

With such a large range of hairdressing scissor brands and models being available online, it has never been more difficult to make the right purchase!

So what's the secret to choosing the best pair of hairdressing scissors in the USA? First choose a reputable brand, then focus on the main three aspects that determine the quality and style of a pair of scissors.

The best hairdressing scissor brands found in the USA (online) include:

The best brands have a good overall reputation, provide professional-grade scissors to hairdressers and hairstylists in the USA. 

The different prices for hair scissors is usually linked to the quality of the steel and where it is manufactured.

Nowadays, even Japanese and German brands produce high-quality scissors in China, Korea and other nations where manufacturing is cheaper.

When searching for a new pair of hairdressing, price isn't always the most important factor. Try observing these three features of scissors when searching for a new pair online:

  • The scissor steel used determines the sharpness of the blade and its overall lifespan
  • The handle determines the ergonomics and how comfortable the barber shear will be when cutting hair all day
  • The scissor blade and edge determines how it will cut 

The price-tag is usually a great way to determine the quality, but it also helps to observe the exact type of steel used to create the hairdressing scissors, as this represents the real quality of the product.

If you buy a more expensive pair of hairdressing scissors online in the USA that uses better quality steel, then you may save money in the long-run. This is due to you having to sharpen less often and the overall lifespan of the hairdressing scissors will last longer.

Local guide to buying hairdressing scissors in USA

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