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How to choose Yasaka Offset Scissors

Yasaka Offset Handle Scissors in Australia. How to buy the best Yasaka Scissors for Professional Hairdressers and Barbers at the best price.

Today we will be looking at Yasaka offset handle scissors and why these are so popular. The Yasaka shears are very well known in Australia, as one of the highest quality and reasonably priced shears available for hairdressers and barbers. Yasaka shears offers left handed, hairdressing, barber, cutting and thinning scissors using quality Japanese Steel - 440C, Cobalt and VG10.

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When buying a quality pair of scissors, people look at Yasaka Shears as the manufacturer that delivers consistent quality in design, engineering and materials. The better quality Yasaka steel ensures that the pair you buy will last 5-10 years, or even longer if well maintained. The engineering ensures that it opens and closes smoothly and in the right angle. The design gives you a lightweight feel with a touch of style.

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We asked Masashi, a Japanese hairdresser, about what kind of scissors he would choose in Japan to cut hair:


"I have used many brands of professional hairdressing scissors from time cutting hair in Japan. Yasaka is a pair I use often and I also use Mizutani, but the price difference makes most people want to buy Yasaka. If you are looking for a professional pair of hairdressing scissors with an offset design, then the Yasaka Offset Handle shears are a good choice. Many sizes and good quality Japanese steel."

The Yasaka Offset handle scissors are one of the most popular models in Australia. With Yasaka Offset technology for professional ergonomics - ensuring that you posture, your fingers, wrist and elbow and in a comfortable and natural position while cutting. This avoids repetitive action injury and makes the offset design by Yasaka sought after by professional hairdressers and barbers alike.

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Yasaka Offset Handle Scissors

The offset handle is on an angle, and the traditional handles are general straight without any significant curve or angled handle. If you are using Yasaka shears for professional use, make sure to carefully choose an ergonomic pair that will protect you.

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Yasaka shears are produced in Nara, Japan. One of Japan's oldest cities - full of traditions and old Japanese manufacturering values. Nowadays it is hard to find quality shears under $500 or $1000, but Yasaka pushes through this tough market with reasonably priced shears, quality craftsmanship and Japanese steel used in Yasaka shears.


Yasaka Traditional Straight Blade Scissors


So how much are the best priced Yasaka shears in Australia, well we work we Yasaka direct to bring you wholesale price. These for $300-400 and sell for $400-600. At Japan Scissors we aim to deliver you the best prices possible and for Yasaka Offset Handle Shears we offer these at $349. The cheapest price available in Australia for Yasaka Scissors.

Yasaka also offers left handed shears, cutting and thinning sets, and a Yasaka master set used for professional barbers and professional hairdressers. If you are looking for the best Japanese Shears for Hairdressing or Barbering, than look no further as Yasaka Shears are available at Japan Scissors at the best price with payment options such as AfterPay, Paypal and Credit Card.

Japan Scissors would like to also take a moment to mention that if you buy the Yasaka Offset Cutting and Thinning Set, each piece is valued at $300 (totally $599). This is a limited time offer during May 2019 and may continue depending on stock availability.

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