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Yasaka Scissors Australia Left Handed

Yasaka Scissors Australia - authentic Japanese left handed scissors made in Japan for professional hairdressers and barbers.

Quality Left Handed Scissors are hard to find in Australia’s collection of professional hairdressing scissors.

Yasaka Scissors Australia stands out as one of Japan’s most reliable and affordable best Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors manufacturers.

Yasaka Scissors the brand itself is one of the best Japanese Scissors manufacturers in the world - utilising the highest quality Japanese steel that provides a unique hardness and simple ergonomic designs that gives the hairdresser or barber comfort while cutting.

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Yasaka Left Handed Scissors 5.5" Inch
We spoke with FuXi, a salon owner in Surrey Hills, Sydney, about the choices of left-handed scissors in Australia:
"I have chosen Yasaka for my left handed scissors after a lot of though," she said after some thinking. "I found that it was the quality, and the trust around the brand that made me more comfortable to buy Yasaka left handed scissors. The simplistic design, lightweight which is good for female hairdressers and the affordability is what helped me make a confident choice."
The Left-Handed shears from Yasaka are handcrafted from Japanese 440C steel. This steel his unique for its hardness and robust abilities that allows it to have a very long life while cutting every day.

The hardness of the blade allows it to stay sharper for longer. Japanese quality steel hair cutting scissors like the Yasaka Left Handed Shears also provides a lighter weight that reduces strain on your wrist while cutting for extended periods of time.

The Left-Handed Yasaka Shears come in the sizes of 5” inch, 5.5” inch and 6” inch. The shears come with a traditional handle and is tailored to left-handed users.

The hairdressing market in Australia looks for standard sizes and traditional or offset handles for left-handed users. The professional hair cutting scissors usually range from 5” inch to 6” for hairdressers and up to 7” inches for barbers.

The hardened blade has a clam-shaped convex edge blade that is commonly found in Yasaka hair cutting scissors.

The extreme sharpness is produced by Yasaka’s own unique sharpening process that allows that blade to produce an extreme sharpness for the professional hairdresser or barber. The blade itself fits the left-handed scissor user and allows for the professional’s maximum hair cutting potential.

Yasaka Left Handed Scissors 6" Inch
From the left-handed hairdressing scissors to 7-inch barber shears to Japanese Offset Ergonomic hair cutting scissors, you will be impressed with Yasaka Scissors Japan.

The craftsmanship of Yasaka Scissors is top-notch for the price range of $300-600 and you will not be disappointed. Each piece is hand made by Yasaka in Nara, Japan.

Yasaka Scissors Australia collection updates each year, so if you are looking for any new styles or models, simply contact us at Japan Scissors and we will coordinate with Yasaka directly.

If you are looking for Japanese hair scissor manufacturers in Australia, Japan Scissors has hairdressing scissors online Australia for Yasaka’s wide collection of left-handed, right-handed, thinning, cutting, hairdressing, barber and dry cutting scissors that are widely used by Australian Professionals.

If you are looking for a samurai scissors reviews that explain the quality of Yasaka Scissors, aim to deliver information of the best Japanese scissors in Australia, how to choose the best scissors and how to actually maintain them. Whether you are doing barber apprenticeship Perth or are a veteran hairdresser in Sydney, Yasaka shears have a variety of scissors available to suit your cutting needs from thin to thick hair.

Yasaka Left Handed Shear 5" Inch
Yasaka leads in the shear world by producing the highest quality shears are reasonable prices. Yasaka Scissors Australia shears are among the top Japanese brands available to buy locally.

Yasaka Scissors are for sale at Japan Scissors and we have over 20+ different models and sizes available straight from Japan to your doorstep. The most popular is, of course, the Yasaka Offset Scissors or Yasaka Barber set, though these do not come in a left-handed design, the left-handed design is a traditional style not unlike these.

The professionals looking for excellent edges in their scissors at a reasonable price can take advantage of our local Australian stock. Looking for the best dry cut and a concave haircut - these left handed Yasaka Shears goes above and beyond your expectations to be the king of the shear world at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for scissors and shears with scissor pouches or scissor pouch in the set at the best prices, then take a look through our collection of Japanese scissors, as we offer a scissor pouch with each purchase to keep your scissors protected and safe in their unique and stylish pouch.



  • From what I know about hair cutting scissors, Japanese steel is one of the best materials you can use for a quality scissor. This article about Yasaka left handed scissors is a reminder of the benefits of a quality product.


    Harry Benderson

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