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Straight Razor vs Folding Razor

If you need a regular shave, you may come across a conundrum if you need a straight razor or a folding razor, or which one of them you need to prefer. This is a very complex debate, but we shall simplify it for you as much as possible. In this article, we shall look at the features and benefits of the folding Razor first. We shall look into the features and benefits of the straight Razor, including the distinction between Japanese and the Western straight Razor.

Things you should know about Folding Razor:

The folding Razor comes in many types, but in all of them, there is a pivot in between the two razors, with the blade on one end and the “cap” or “cover” on the other. You can cover and open the blade at will in that Razor. The kind of shave it gives will depend on the structure, but since the pivot has to be at the centre, not many adjustments can be made.

The benefits of a Folding Razor

There are a lot of benefits of a folding razor; some of them include:

  • You can cover the blade after use, thus keeping it safe from the external environment, including germs.
  • With a folding razor, there are fewer chances of an accident.
  • You may not have to change the blade again and again with a folding razor.

An insight to Straight Razor:

The straight Razor performs the same functions as the folding Razor, but it does not have a pivot in between. However, this gives an edge elsewhere. This difference allows you to customize the straight razors in many ways and gives you greater diversity. We shall study 2 examples of this diversity, which are the Japanese and the Western Straight Razor.

Japanese and the Western Straight Razor:

Although both of the razors are straight, there are some interesting differences between them both that we shall explore below:

The Japanese Razor has a blade that is smaller when compared to the larger handle. This allows for a deeper and cleaner shave. Though to handle it properly, a lot of practice is required.

  • Western Razor

Western razors are quite common, and the size of blades is balanced out with the size of the handles, which makes handling this blade easier, though the shave may not be clean as the Japanese Razor’s.

The benefits of a Straight Razor

The benefits of the straight Razor are as follows:

  • It is very easy to use straight razors.
  • They are quite simple. You can have a diverse range of uses for them.

Final Thoughts

Now, if we come to the question of straight Razor vs folding Razor, a direct answer would not be easy. We could say that we can cover the folding Razor, so it is more hygienic, but we may need to consider the germs within the cover. So, you have to check your individual preferences to decide which one is the best for you.

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