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Single Edge Razors: Why You Should Make The Change

“Why should I switch to a single edge razor?” are the type of questions we are asked all the time.

There has only just recently, over the past ten years, been a larger supply of high-quality single-edge razors on the market.

For people using a cartridge razor, or a double-edge razor, you may be wondering why single-edge razors are becoming so popular.

Compared to the double-edge razor blades, the single-edge blades are cheaper and they solve the daily problems of shaving irritation and razor burns.

Simplicity and high-quality engineering is what really makes these modern single-edge razors stand out as the ultimate shaving tool for home and barber use.


Quick summary: why should I buy a single edge razor?

A brand new professional single edge razor

Whether you go to a physical store or an online store, a double edge razor is the most commonly sold razor for personal use and barbers. Single-edge razors are becoming more popular as they are simple, easier to use and maintain, and deliver a premium close shave.

Here are the to main reasons to buy and use a single-edge razor:

  1. Simple design that gives a more comfortable shave
  2. You get more value from single-edge razor blades
  3. The ergonomics and weight of the single edge razor is better
  4. The single-edge razor blades are sharper
  5. Single-edge razors are easier to angle when shaving
  6. The single edge razor blades use injector blade cartridges to quickly replace the razors
  7. Easily adjustable aggressiveness and softness of the shave

So that answers your main questions about why you should want to change to a single-edge razor blade. 

The summary of why people enjoy single-edge razors blades is that they are smaller, better designed, safer and more comfortable to use.

The reason I changed from a double-edge to a single-edge razor

Single edge razors

I am no expert at shaving, just a regular guy with a face filled with a wild beard. I am likely to get razor bumps, and I’m in a constant battle with ingrown hairs. And if all the blades out there cause irritation, I don’t think I would want more with another multi-blade razor.

So with multi-blade razors, you get a close shave because they cut the hairs below the skin’s surface. The first blade catches the hair and pulls it tightly, then the following blades slice it, and when it goes slack, it has been trimmed just a tiny bit below the skin level. It definitely always feels smooth when touched, but when it tries to reach the surface again, the possibility of getting ingrown hair is high.

Then I came across a recommendation from a dermatologist for a single-blade razor, and I said: “why not give this a try?” The traditional safety razor is meant to shave the surface and not below the surface. I had no idea how to use it, talk more of believing it would work. But I tried it out regardless, and below is how it went.

1. Single Blade Razors are Sharper than I expected

Initially, it looked good, it was shiny and had a nice heft. It also had double edges, that is to say, both sides had cutting blades, almost like a little axe mostly used for battle.

And these blades were very sharp, right from the first stroke; this single blade cleared a perfectly clean path in four days’ worth of stubble, it was really satisfying. But after the first stroke, which was relatively easy, it became tricky.

2. Shaving the corners was challenging

Modern razors are made with multiple blades and a pivoting head. The pivot head is something I completely missed, to be honest.

With the single blade, it was easy to get the right angle, but going around corners was not easy at all. When you purchase the blade, it comes with an instructional guide, one of the instructions reads thus “shorter, straight strokes, avoiding turn.”

I shaved in isolated patches, it got easier, but I never got the hang of how to get those stubborn hairs right at the base of my nostrils.

3. There were times when I cut myself, but I didn't hurt myself

You probably want to know how bad it was right? Well, there was blood as expected, but it wasn’t a deep cut. At some point, I got scared that I may just lose control, slide it sideways and give myself a razor incision.

However, this wants the case because the razor has the ability to take off tiny pinpoints of skin. “Could it be that they were remaining razor bumps from old shaves?” After a few tries initially, I got a few spots on my face that bled for quite some time. Thankfully I didn’t have to shave very often.

So, I just took it that I have become more skilled at using the single-blade, but on the other hand, it could also mean that my face was getting less bumpy.

4. My Adam’s apple Didn’t Get Hurt.

Here’s a quick tip – When you are shaving the area where your Adam’s apple is, use your free hand to pull that patch of skin to the side before you shave it. It is a lot easier without the cartilage underneath.

5. It Didn’t Require Time, But Skill.

With the short and careful stokes, you would think that it would take a long time to get it done. SO I decided to set a timer, and to my greatest surprise, I was done in a little under 5 minutes. And this was when I hadn’t practised well enough.

You know how you pay more attention to something you are doing, and so it feels like it is taking forever, this is the same situation.

6. The Razor Bumps Got Better

In conclusion, the bumps the razor created got better. As a matter of fact, it didn’t take too long for the evidence to surface.

After I used the single-blade for the first time, there was some redness, but the irritation wasn’t puffy like it was with the multi-blade razor. By the third and fourth shave, there was no ingrown hair again.

By the time I was shaving again, it was a lot easier, and the cycle that has started is not one I would like to interrupt. I haven’t entirely abandoned using the multi-blade razor, I sometimes use it to shave beneath my nostrils and where my earlobes meet my jaw.

7. Changing blades have never been easier

It is easier to change single-edge razor blades with the injection ammo cartridge. Just push and pop out the old cartridge, and to single-edge razor blade ammo pack easily injects a replacement into the razor. 

The first historical single edge razor

In early 2010, the idea of a single edge razor wasn't that popular due to minimal products and brands producing quality shaving tools.

Razorpedia is one of the online platforms that started reviewing and encouraging the production of premium shaving tools at home.

With their push for better shaving tools, they started presenting the single edge razor blades to USA, Canadian, UK and Australian men looking for the best shave.

The Single-edge razor blade was a simple tool, that provides a clean and close shave at affordable prices.

The history of Razorpedia and its promotion of single edge razors

We had previously talked about why a single blade is preferable, but we have never talked about how it all began. So here we go!!!

Sometime in 2013, Razorpedia started with a few people in California. It started after a general dissatisfaction of poor quality shaving tools available in the USA.

There was a large opening just waiting to be taken advantage of. The Razorpedia platform opened and grew with a focus on providing high-quality razor shaving tools to their online audience.

The largest source for single-edge razor reviews and a collection of high quality products for sale online.

By August 2015, the Razorpedia was sold and the founders created their first Kickstarter campaign for the Single Edge razor was launched.

To fund the first purchase order and bring the dream of premium single edge razor blades to a reality, they needed all the help they could possibly get (just so you know, prototyping is not cheap). And so they got the funds, ended their campaign, and their start-up journey was now official.

The Single Edge razor they produce is designed to be gorgeous, practical, efficient, heirloom, and to solve daily problems of razor burn and irritation that every man out there faces. This is the reason supply was created.

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