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Rockwell Razor Reviews: 6C, 6S & Model T

Rockwell Razors came into existence as a result of the world believing that they had to be a substitute to the very expensive cartridge razors and shave clubs that are eye-catching. In a world that is predominated by trends, temporary and brief thoughts, a family of customers with a different line of thinking is being built.

The old double-edge razor that would have been used by grandpa and people within his age bracket has been completely transformed and re-engineered entirely from the bottom to the top. And what this gives you is the most comfortable and classic shave of your life.

Rockwell razor designs are what inspired them to create a full line of shaving and grooming products that are top-notch, and you can’t help but want to try it.

With Rockwell’s exclusive adjustable shave settings allows you to match your shave with the length of your facial hair and type of skin. Because of the Rockwell adjustable system, there is zero chance of cutting yourself even if it is your first time of using a safety razor.

The creativity, hard work and determination of the Rockwell team have brought about an entirely remarkable product that takes care of all of man’s shaving challenges in so many different ways.

How good is the Rockwell Brand?

Rockwell razors reviewed by experts

When talking about wet shaving, Rockwell razor is a newbie in the market, but it stands out from the rest because of its quality. Rockwell is of the opinion that there should be an alternative to high-priced cartridge razors and subscription shave clubs.

Bothered about the littering of so many harmful plastics, Rockwell Razors came up with a non-plastic razor that helps customers’ save time while giving you a lifetime of outstanding shaving experiences.

As the most funded shaving brand in the history of crowdfunding, Rockwell raised more than $1.2 million for its innovative and skin-friendly razors. They even brought about personalized shaving to the public. 

The brand advises its customers to go against the throwaway culture and step up their shave from a painful shave routine to a shaving experience that you love.

Safety razors are steadily growing in popularity amongst millennial buyers. But a lot of people are scared of their high learning curve.

This problem was solved by Rockwell when they introduced the first-ever safety razor with a setting for beginners. With this, newbies will not cut themselves when changing from plastic razors. With their exclusive design, users can adjust the shave to fit their type of facial hair and be comfortable while shaving.

Rockwell’s unique adjustable design instigated a lot of online excitement as a superior solution for shaving that helps customers save a lot over the years.

With the use of cheap and vastly available double-edge razor blades, Rockwell helped customers save an average of $42 in a year when changing from internet shave clubs, or an average of $60 a year when changing from drugstore razors.

Dermatologists have had high praise for single blade razors for their ability to get you a close shave without causing any skin irritation.

Regardless of what we have been made to believe by the top shaving companies, the fact is that multiple blades cause more harm than good. In most cases, it causes ingrown hair and skin problems. Those who use Rockwell’s single blade can see a reduction in razor bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation within 30 days. 

The way Rockwell razors are designed, any beginner can use and still have a good shaving experience and even save money in the process as well as reduce the rate at which plastic is wasted.

Rockwell 6S Review

The latest Rockwell 6S model

The Rockwell 6S is made out of pure stainless steel, giving you a lifetime of fantastic shaving. You can change the blade’s exposure with its adjustable settings. With the Rockwell 6S, a beginner doesn’t need the learning curve to access all the functionalities of a single blade razor.

Right from the handle to the knurling and the machining of the handle is excellent. It makes use of the standard thread so that you can switch between any standard handle and the Rockwell head assembly, or even use the handle of the Rockwell on any of your existing razors. 

Every surface on the razor is either ground or machined, aside from the central parts on the plates which according to how I see it are investment cast that have a smooth finishing. The Rockwell 6S is not as adjustable as the other models; instead, it can be customized seeing that it comes with three different base plates.

 Each blade has two sides, and each side is in line with a different blade gap that affects how aggressive the razor will be. All you need do is get the base plate that has the number you prefer to use, with number 1 being the mildest and number 6 being the most aggressive. 

Now as is shown in the instruction, put together the razor and the number that you see on the opposite side base plate, once it is fully assembled the number that is in line with the aggressiveness is the one you have chosen. 

The weight and size of the Rockwell 6S

You can’t help but notice the weight and size of the Rockwell 6S. It has a weight similar to other popular models like the Futur.

The weight of the razor is an attribute that portrays the quality behind its production. Because of its weight, you don’t need to apply pressure on the razor during shaving.

The razor is quite large, the handle is probably as long as the majority of modern safety razors and is obviously longer than the Tech.

The razor has balance, the hefty handle offsets the thick base plates so that you can handle it well. The top cap may be thin but is more than capable of handling the job.

How the 6S shaves

My first shave with Rockwell was with a nice middle of the road blade using the number 2 base plate.

This ought to have given a neat close shave with less aggression. In comparison to my other razors, this blade is a better choice, not as a close shave though, but that it doesn’t require too much attention. 

So I put on the Rockwell a new blade and fixed on the handle. The top cap and base plates provided a fair amount of camber (exposure) to the edges, and this resulted in a handle angle that is a bit different from what I was used to with my other razors.

It wasn’t anything too serious, just that every type of razor had its own personality that you had to learn about. 

It wasn’t difficult to find that happy angle. I noticed that I was getting a good amount of tugging and pulling out of the blade I just installed. Maybe this was because of the difference in camber. 

So after my first pass, I decided to change the blade out with a feather that was in one of my other razors and had some shaves with it. I was quite surprised at how different it felt. There wasn’t as much pulling like the initial blade I had replaced. 

In all my razors, this was a first that presented so much difference, but just like I mentioned earlier, each razor is different and comes with its own personality. 

At my second and pseudo third pass, things were still looking and feeling good (when I shave, I only ever do a 2.5 pass shave because all the grain ever does to my face is cause irritation). 

The razor, unlike any other razors I have used before giving a lot of audible feedback. I am less concerned about it because it is easy for me to know if I have taken out all the facial hair just by the sound I get. And this makes it a lot easier to locate any spot that I may have missed. 

When I was done shaving, I was satisfied with the closeness I got from the first shave, it may not have been perfect, but I was sure this was going to work for me. 

After a few more days of using the number 2 base plate, I was set to step up to the number 3. Although the number 3 is more aggressive than the number 2, it wasn’t so bad, and I was able to get a much smoother and closer shave with fewer leftover spots. 

The razor gives me an entirely different feel on my face when shaving due to its uniquely angled cutting edge that doesn't irritate my skin. It changes the way I shave and my skin thanks me for it!

The 6S general review

When doing this review, I thought it necessary to check each settings consistency and compare them so I could adequately evaluate the razor itself—four days for each setting and a new razor blade each time.

About halfway through the brush changed, but the quality of the lather was unchanged. I have ever since been using general shaving soap with a good lather. 

This might just be the only thing I will say in this review that would be a bit negative. The packaging wasn’t what I expected, and thus, I was disappointed. I had hoped to see a tin container, foam-lined such that the razor heads would be seated when I open the package. 

I was happy with the razor itself, and at the time of this review, we were comparing the Rockwell razors with the Japanese Feather adjustable razors. It is a razor made will nothing but stainless steel and has 6 different settings (3 heads).

How does the 6S feel when in use

A close-up image of the Rockwell 6S

When using the razor, you cannot ignore any of the settings. I missed the number 1 setting, thinking it would be too mild and probably take too long to give me what I wanted. But I was wrong because the razor is so well designed that the increments for settings number 1 through to number 6 all work well as you progress and give the majority of its user's satisfactory results.

The image below shows the blade gap settings for version 1 and version 2. 

I’ll talk more about these settings because what works for you may not work for another. No matter the type of razor I am working with, I am very meticulous when it comes to blade alignment.

I mean there is one time I saw myself adjusting the blade by a fraction of an mm just to make sure it is where I want it to be. Couldn’t get a very close shave at once, but was very close after 3 passes with a few touch-ups. With little blade feel, you still get the same auditory feedback as that of a 34C. 

Also very comfortable and free of irritation even after 3 passes. The massive leap in auditory feedback and little increase in the blade feel. Almost like the number 2 shave, there is an increase in the feel and noise, results of the BBS are gotten easily in 3 passes. 

At this points it gets amusing, there was no discomfort whatsoever, but it was clear that there was a blade there and I just had to be careful or get cut. BBS with 2 passes and only a slight touch up in a few challenging areas on the sides of my neck, there was no irritation, just a couple tiny cuts because I was a bit careless. 

This isn’t something I could keep up with daily, but every two or three days. A very close and smooth shave may not present any irritation at first for like 2 days. But from the 3rd to 4th days, that’s when my skin starts to act up. Getting too close on my neck will cause ingrown hair, and it is from the 3rd day I start feeling the reaction on my skin.

The handle, as well as its knurling (the design on the handle), are splendid, with the perfect length and diameter and an excellent grip and feel.

You can easily customize the aggressiveness of the razor and still maintain a low complexity. This is possible because of the interchangeable base plate feature it has. You can get up to 6 razors in one. The difference in each of the base plates are apparent, and they hit the steps between plates perfectly well.

This is one great razor that isn’t made in China but manufactured in the United States, designed and sold in Canada and Australia. 

It is made with 100% stainless steel, easy to maintain and rust-free.

In my opinion, generally, I will say that I am delighted with the Rockwell Razor 6S. If I purchase this razor, I am confident that it spent it on something worth it. 

No doubt that it is more expensive than regular safety razors and its finishing isn’t that great, but that notwithstanding, it is worth it to own a razor with different base plates that you can adjust the aggressiveness at any time to fit or match your taste. 

This is the type of razor you can gift to a learner or a newbie in wet shaving because it can be used to improve without the need of getting other razors. And for a more experienced shaver, you don’t need to bother yourself with trying to figure out the models that best suit or hair or skin type. 

You can select the base plate that best works for you, and I think there is more than enough varieties that can suit any shave type you want.

The Rockwell 6S' key features

Below are the features of the Rockwell 6S;

  • Material – 316L stainless steel
  • Razor weight – 118 grams
  • Razor length – 95mm (3.74 inches)
  • Handle length / handle diameter – 85mm (3.34 inches) / 15mm (0.51 inches).
  • Compatible blades – any brand of double-edged razor blades
  • Available finish – matte stainless steel
  • Adjustability – 6 blade settings from R1 to R6
  • Blade gaps – R1: 0.008” (0.20mm), R2: 0.014” (0.35mm), R3: 0.019” (0.48mm), R4: 0.024” (0.61mm), R5: 0.027” (0.69mm), R6: 0,031” (0.79mm). 

Rockwell 6C Review

The Rockwell 6C model razor

 Beginners who are gradually moving to their first safety razor are the ones you would find using the Rockwell 6C and for a very reasonable price. It is relatively easy to get that perfect shave with the use of settings 1 through to 6, which is from mild to close. 

The Rockwell 6C Razor is made out of strong alloy, coated in an attractive chrome finish. The razor design of the Rockwell 6C and the Rockwell 6S aren’t so different, but the 6C is lighter in weight than the 6S. The design for the inter-exchangeable plates was splendid.

The size and weight of the Rockwell 6C

Size-wise, the Rockwell 6C just like the more expensive 6S model is longer than the majority of the safety razors you will find. If you compare the gunmetal design of the 6C with regular razors, you will see that the handle is longer by half an inch, which doesn’t look like much, but actually makes a difference. 

The size and weight of the Rockwell 6C are just perfect, making it more secure to handle, easy to use and give you confidence while shaving. Those with longer hands would want to take note of this. 

The handle has a really lovely finishing of the knurling, giving you comfort and a solid grip even if your hand is a bit slippery because of soap or water.

Adjustability: the Rockwell 6C is mostly referred to as an adjustable safety razor system, but technically isn’t your typical adjustable razor. 

The way Rockwell’s system functions is entirely different from the way other adjustable razors with spin adjustments work. It has 3 different reversible base plates which isn’t expected at all. Although it may not be that easy to adjust, it is definitely a brilliant way to boost the durability of a safety razor.

It starts at level 1 and goes up to level 6, level 1, which is the mildest or least aggressive and level 6 being the most aggressive level. Since all the 3 plates are reversible, on the backside of level 1, you have level 3, on the rear of level 2 you have level 4, and lastly, on the rear of level 5, you have level 6. And all 3 plates make use of the same cap and handle. 

You can, however, decide to use a different handle if you want or stick with Rockwell’s handle that fits perfectly well and feels great when handled. 

How well does the Rockwell 6C shave?

The first time I used the Rockwell 6C Razor, it was on setting R6, which as we know is the most aggressive level, and I expected my entire face to be filled with, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, it was completely sufficient, and the blades did not wobble. 

The control on the blade was simply remarkable in comparison to other razors being used on the most aggressive setting where you can actually feel the edge as it starts to wobble a little bit. 

Shaving was effortless and comfortable, and I will like to repeat that the weight of the Rockwell 6C is just perfect that you can just allow the weight of the razor do the job while you are shaving.

Rockwell 6C model review

A close-up look at all the parts of the Rockwell 6C model razor

Just like any other adjustable razor, the first couple of times with the Rockwell 6C was more like a learning process for as I was trying to find the setting (base plate) the work well for me. My personal best on the stainless steel version is plate number 2, but when using the 6C, I prefer plate number 1 and generally go for milder razors that have more efficient blades. 

Rockwell sells a single plate version, a Rockwell 2C that correspond with the R1 and R3 of the previous sections. 

It is a good substitute because the 2C’s R1/R3 plate will work just fine for those who intend to use it. The Rockwell 6C is a 3 piece construction, and I prefer it to the 2 pieces or butterfly setup because it is more flexible and durable. You can change handles easily.

The weight is about 100 grams or 3.5 oz, and it sits perfectly well in the hands of the user. Though for some people it may look short in their hands, for me it is just right, and I prefer to hold it close to the razor’s head, with the handle giving me room to operate efficiently around the back of my head. 

With the way the head of the razor is designed, you don’t have to worry too much about cutting yourself when you are shaving around the nose and ears, and you still have enough space to securely handle the blade as you use it. 

The Rockwell 6C is an adjustable 3 pieces close comb double edge safety razor that comes with 3 different base plates; 1/3, 2/4, and 5/6 while the Rockwell 2C comes with just 1 base plate; 1/3.

Each of these numbers represents a level of aggressiveness, meaning that when you flip and switch the base plates, you can access different levels of aggressiveness. 1/3 is the mildest plate, and 5/6 is the most aggressive plate. 

The first plate (plate A – 1/3) with numbers 1 and 3 is very mild, number 1 almost doesn’t cut anything at all while number 3 cuts mildly. The second plate (plate B – 2/4) is equally mild but begins to step up a bit. Number 2 is equivalent to number 1 and also doesn’t cut anything, but the number feels just perfect. 

The number 4 is a bit more aggressive than number 3 and allows you to get a good and superior shave. 

Third plate (plate C – 5/6), numbers 5 and 6 are the most aggressive. This plate is similar to setting 5 on a lot of adjustable razors, you still get a close shave with moderate aggression. 

Majority of the users make use of just one plate, and I guess their reason for this is because they think it is a lot of stress to change the plates while shaving. 

Plate B is the best for your daily shaving, with number 4 you can enjoy shaving daily. And plate C with numbers 5 and 6 are best suited for those times when you forget to shave for like 2 to 3 days.

The benefits of the Rockwell 6C model

  • Rockwell 6C is a 3 piece safety razor.
  • Model 6C comes in 3 base plates and model 2C comes with just one.
  • The adjusting is done by changing the base plates from mild to moderately aggressive.
  • The packaging is classy and lovely. This can be gifted to someone as a present.
  • The razor is also rustproof as it is made out of stainless steel.
  • Because the handle has good knurling the grip is just right and is finished with white chrome and gunmetal.
  • Rockwell 6C is 3.5 oz/100g heavy and 3.7inch/9.4cm long. It is perfect for all hand sizes with an easy to hold weight.

I would recommend this razor for beginners who are not conversant with the different levels of aggressiveness and how to select the one that is suitable for them. With this razor, they can begin at R1 and gradually move up till they can choose one that works well for them. 

This is a better option than a fully adjustable razor because beginners would want to try out the aggressiveness settings every chance they get, thus making it even harder for them to pick a setting that is good for them. 

It is also a good option for head shavers, they can use 1 setting for their head and 1 for their beard, for instance; if you have very sensitive skin on your head, you can use R2, then I can change to R4 and use it to shave my beard.

Those who are in the category of people that prefer a more aggressive razor or have to cut stubble that is facial hair that has not been touched for several days will be happy to use R5/R6 plate. 

Professional shavers may like to start at R6 with the first pass, then the second pass will be at R4 and the third pass at R2. 

It is only those who like to shave using the most aggressive razors that could find it challenging to get the right setting with the 6C or 6S.

Below are the features of the Rockwell 6C

  • Material - chromed zinc alloy.
  • Razor weight - 100 grams. 
  • Razor length - 95mm (3.74).
  • Handle length / handle diameter – 85mm (3.34) / 13mm (0.51).
  • Compatible blades – any brand of double-edge razor blades.
  • Available finish – white chrome, gunmetal chrome.
  • Adjustability – 6 blade settings from R1 to R6.
  • Blade gaps – R1: 0.008” (0.20mm), R2: 0.014” (0.35mm), R3: 0.019” (0.48), R4: 0.024” (0.61mm), R5: 0.027” (0.69mm), R6: 0.031” (0.79mm).

Rockwell Model T

The Rockwell model T razor

Rockwell razor is not like the ordinary razors, because of the shaving experience you get. They have simple skin-friendly shaving system, meaning even a beginner can enjoy a lifetime of pleasant shaves, free of cuts, nicks or irritation. Step up your shaving experience today.

The Rockwell Model T is naturally simple to use a type of razor and has an adjustable dial that makes it easy for anyone to get a close and comfortable shave any time.

Below are features of the Rockwell Model T

  • It can be completely adjusted to fit your type of skin and length of facial hair, all you need to do is twist the dial to get that fantastic shave.
  • Clears out skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems.
  • Accurately developed blade angles provide you with an unrivalled shaving experience.
  • Simple twist-to-open blade loading and automatic shave settings make it easy to switch from cartridge razor without cutting yourself.
  • Its perfect weight and balance make it easy for one to handle while shaving.
  • Material – brass, stainless steel and chromed alloy zinc.
  • Weight – 125 grams.
  • Handle length – 89mm (3.5 inches).

With the Rockwell Model T, you can easily adjust between shave settings 1 to 6 making it possible for you to customize the shave to suit your type of skin and length of the facial hair, all you need do is adjust the angle at which the blade cuts your hair.

Men with really sensitive skin use lower Rockwell settings between 1 and 3 for shaving to avoid getting cuts, nicks or discomfort. While men who have thick, coarse hair use higher Rockwell settings between 4 and 6.

Rockwell Razor T model review

A collection of the model T razors

It was after I had an experience with the Rockwell 6S model that I started using the Rockwell Model T. The main idea of the Model T is that it gives room for the easy change of shave settings, so you can switch between the mild and aggressive shave settings with ease. 

Similar to the other Rockwell razors, the Rockwell Model T’s 1-3 razor settings is for sensitive skin and settings 4-6 is for tougher skin and facial hair.

Initially, people thought that the production of this blade was of high quality accompanied with a nice feel and perfect weight. In comparison to other similar razors, the engineering as well the build is good enough.

When loading the blade I realized how smooth it was to twist-to-open the knob. Over the blade, the doors close smooth and firmly, there was no need to crank down the twist-to-open knob to lock in the blade, just twist it till it stops. 

I lathered some soap onto a brush he and then I was ready to start!

The first pass; north to south, second pass: south to north and the third pass: more an ATG and I began with the 6S.

First time shaving pass: move from north to south starting with the face first, then you proceed to your neck, and it felt as though I was using the 6S. It is a bit milder since the setting is lower, but you couldn’t quickly tell. The same angle used with the 6S can be used in the Model T.

Second times shaving pass: is from south to north, very nice and smooth. Using the same angle as the 6S. Great flexibility around my jaw.

Third time shaving pass: just like an ATG to my neck, this is basically the final pass to take care of any areas I may have missed in the first two passes. The ATG is more like shaving upwards. 

To clean the razor is a simple process. Remove the blade, rinse and clean it till its dry, and then put it in the stand.

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