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Hair Scissors Australia

We often get asked about hair scissors and what are the best pairs to use to cut as an apprentice or a professional looking to change their cutting styles.

Hair scissors are a little different than your standard scissors. These differences include:

  1. A sharper blade: serrated, convex or bevelled edge hair scissor blade. This allows for sharper cuts for hair, rather than paper or other materials.
  2. Offset and general ergonomic designs. This is made so that you can keep cutting hair with these scissors without fatigue or potential muscle strains.
  3. Higher quality metals. This ensures that they last long, don't become blunt as fast and are resistant to corrosion.

There are different designs for hair scissors, and we have provided three main examples below:


An Example Of Hair Scissors

Yasaka Offset Hair Cutting Shears - Japan Scissors

You will notice these Japanese hair scissors have extra gears in the centre of the scissors. Extra engineering and design are put into the gears and tension adjustors to ensure that scissors stay sharp after cutting hair for long periods of time.

The slimmer design allows for these scissors to be lighter in weight. A closer look at the handle will show that they have a slightly offset design. This is important as you will be holding these scissors for a long time while cutting hair, so a comfortable position is critical.

The edge of the blade has a sharper convex edge that gives the smoother cuts. Here is an example of what a convex edge blade looks like close up.

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This allows for stream-less smooth hair cutting with these scissors.