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High quality Hair Shears are available online in Australia.
How to know which hair shears are best for you?
  • The price range of home or apprentice hair shears are between $50 to 200
  • The price of hair shears for professionals are typically between $200 to 500
  • Comfortable offset handles on hair shears allow for a strong grip with minimal fatigue
  • Convex edge on hair shears are sharper and add precision
  • Bevel edge blades on hair shears cut falling hair and are perfect for apprentice or home hairdressers
The most common hair shear brands in Australia are:
  1. Jaguar
  2. Yasaka
  3. Juntetsu
  4. Ichiro
  5. Wahl
  6. Iceman
  7. Mina
  8. Matsui
  9. iCandy 

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