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Thinning out hair pros and cons

Deciding whether or not to use hair thinning scissors the next time you visit the salon is difficult.

Everyone’s hair is different, and one recommended thin out your hair because it worked well on wavy hair, could easily damage thick and curly hair.

So what are the Pros and Con’s with thinning out your hair?

This article will briefly touch on the commonly asked question around the benefits and risks of thinning out men and women’s hair.

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The Pros for thinning out your hair:

  • Using thinning scissors will allow a hairstylist to texturise short, long and any other hair length.
  • Thinning shears are great for styling and shaping hairstyles for a modern and youthful look
  • Creates more texture and maintains the shape of a hairstyle for longer
  • Reduces the “flat hair” look
  • Allows the hairstylist to personalise the hair more to the shape of their client’s head
  • Removes heavy weight that makes the hairstyle cooler for summer
  • Great for blending layers, graduation and pixie haircuts

The Cons for thinning out your hair:

  • It is very easy for hairstylists to get carried away with thinning shears, and this leads to hair damage or a ruined hairstyle
  • Texturizing shears and thinning scissors can cause damage to curly hair
  • It can ruin a hairstyle if used on the top of long hair
  • Thinning scissors cause lead to frizzy hair, which may cause split ends and continuous breakage
  • If misused, can temporarily hinder the growth of your hair



  • I have long curly hair that can be a pain to deal with every morning. I try to get it thinned out enough so it’s more manageable but that hasn’t always worked. Now I have a better idea why past stylists have messed up: they don’t know how to use thinning scissors. This blog helped me understand the pros and cons of thinning scissors and it’s clear why past stylists have failed and my current one hasn’t.


    Leslie Anderson

  • Wow, I had no idea you could actually damage hair using these types of scissors to the point where it can cause issues with growth! I always go to the same stylist but she has since moved. I have been going to her for over 7 years now. I had to make an appointment with someone new and I noticed that he tends to use these types of scissors. I am a bit worried now. Would it be rude to request of him to not use them? I don’t want to have issues with growing out my hair!


    Mandy B.

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