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February 12, 2019 4 min read

Is it the brand, the metals, the design or reviews that make us buy scissors? We buy based on looks, but is that enough to ensure that we get our monies worth? But would you buy a car, fridge or TV based on its looks?

The smartest choice is to buy scissors as an investment, as a high-quality pair with its hefty price tag that lasts 20+ years will save you money in the long run, rather than the lower quality pair with a half or a quarter of the price.

A collection of new Japanese Scissor Shears

Obviously, we have some biased, as we are masters of Japanese scissors, and we know that buying online allows you to get considerably better quality for your budget than an in-store purchase and this is due to online competition and lack of overhead.

In the online world of Professional Hairdressing, Barber and Beauty Scissors, the difference in high quality and low quality shears are with the Brand, the Materials, the Blade's Edge and a few review cherries on top to give you confidence in your purchase.

The Scissor and Shear Brands

Brands and what they mean when buying scissors iamge

We all understand the purpose of buying a brand as we know that the reputation of a brand is what allows companies to sell so much of their product, so if it's a good brand, we know that we'll be satisfied. The top brands we all want to buy are from Japan and Germany, and the infamous brands are derived from Pakistan, India and some from China.

Yasaka, Joewell, Mizutani, Juntetsu, and Ichiroare brands from Japan. There are many many more brands in Japan, as their own national market is so huge, they don't need to export. So you will often find Yasaka, Joewell, and Mizutani as the main brands available overseas in the Japanese category.

Jaguaris the most famous German Brand as it leads in European hair design tools with its high quality steel, perfected design and engineering, and its ability to deliver quality goods at a reasonable price.

The Steel Materials Scissors Are Made From

An example of pure steel scissors shears image

When you are browsing through pairs you see Japanese Steel, German Steel, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Steel, Hitachi 440C Steeletc. These are good, but what really matters here is where the steel has been manufactured, as Stainless Steel manufactured in Pakistan may not be the same high quality as the steel Stainless Steel manufactured in Japan.

Japan's steel is regarded as the best steel in the world and it is used to make cars, appliances, scissors, knives and much much more. Hitachi steel in Japan is famous for its durability and hardness. German steel is extremely hard as well and follows at a close second to Japan.

Keeping on point, what is the best quality steel for scissors? All scissors are made from stainless steel, so the high quality pairs will be produced by Japan, German, Taiwan, Korea, and China. With the quality standards roughly in the same order. The better the quality, the sharper the blades, the longer it stays sharp and the overall lifespan of the scissors will be longer.

Categories range from 440A, 440C, Hitachi ATS-314, ATS-314, VG10 Steel and many more.

The Scissor and Shear Blade Edges

An example of sharp blades from scissors to scapels

All scissors are sharp at the start, but a good blade's edge allows for smooth precision cuts and stays sharp for longer. A choice between a Convex Edge or a Bevel Edge are the common choices, but what's the difference?

Professional Japanese Scissors use a convex edge, originating in Japan, as the key attribute of convex shears is the finely-milled edge by honing the shears with a curved arc, the cutting edge is much finer. The edges are hollow ground to produce extreme sharpness, giving them a seamlessly smooth cutting motion.

Professional German Scissors use a beveled edge, originating in Germany, the bevel shears have a distinctive, angled edge that is found on most sharpened blades. The angle may vary, but the blades are more durable and easier to sharpen, with the aim of re-sharp and an extended lifespan rather than an extremely smooth cut like convex edge blades.

The Reviews We All Love to Read

A celebration of having satisfied and happy scissor shear reviews

Reviews are often what makes us buy, and I know that I always look for feedback before I buy myself, so seeing other professional and home hairdressers being satisfied with their purchase is certainly the first indication to buy.

Daniel Gregory, a barber from Sydney, said "Its a bit about your previous experience with scissors, its a bit about recommendations and its a bit about understanding what makes a quality pair of hairdressing scissors. When I was looking between Jaguar, Yasaka and Juntetsu, I focused on the reviews and quality of steel. My previous experience told me that 440C or VG10 steel always works well and that makes me more confident when buying hairdressing scissors online in Australia. If you ever have doubt, then try talking to the shop staff as they can help find a pair that suit you best."

Always be on the lookout to see how your potential new pair of shears have been reviewed and loved by fellow hairdressers or barbers, and hopefully, this will be the last deciding point in your purchase.

James Adams is an author for Japan Scissors. He focuses on writing informational content on Hairdressing scissors for beginners and professionals.

James Adams
James Adams

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