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When it comes to buying your first pair of scissors as an apprentice hairdresser, its hard to know where to start. I know I found it difficult, with all the variations in counties of origin e.g. "are Japanese scissors better than German scissors?". How Much should I spend? Is the investment really worth it? 


In a corny way, I envision that scene in Harry Potter when the renowned wandmaker Mr Ollivander careful places the boxed wand in Harry's hands. Today at Japan Scissors we want you our readers to get the same masterful treatment and show you your perfect shear!
I present to you...

Jaguar White Line Satin Plus Hairdressing Scissors for apprentices blog post on japan scissors

Jaguar White Line Satin Plus Hairdressing Scissors

These shears are the whole package. Affordable, High quality and Aesthetic beautiful. These German-made & Designed scissors are by Jaguar, the leader of European scissors - 'Renowned for their high quality and well-engineered hair cutting scissors around the globe'. Satin While line plus apprentice shears may not be Japanese, but they are one of our favourites.

White line satin plus made by jaguar

These scissors are cutting edge with a flat cutting edge angle and a blade micro-serration for sharper cutting. Made in multiple sizes, as it is a well-performing pair of scissors for every situation. Designed to last and work well in all situation. The white satin makes for a sexy, sleek, perfect finish.

white line satin plus by jaguar German scissors for hairdressing

The White Line Satin Plus has a Micro-serrated edge, which means that it's useful for both, dry hair cutting and wet hair cutting. These teeth also have the added benefit of not to cut hair immediately, even in oily hair. Any hair that comes between the serrations gets cuts immediately on the spot.

Jaguar scissors logo

These shears only come in at  $199 AUD or make 4 interest-free payments of $49.75 AUD fortnightly for you Afterpay lovers.  

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