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September 09, 2019 3 min read

I came from Japan to Australia in 2012 and with hard work, I have managed to open up 2 salons in central Sydney. Everyone is looking for quality hairstyles and the demand is growing each year. Takeshi Kitono

We are talking with hairdressers every day all over Australia and we always hear how tough it can be and how work isn't what it used to be 10-20 years ago. The surprising thing is that the industry is actually booming and is expected to reach an estimated $5.2 Billion between 2025-2030. The not so surprising thing is that people don't stop growing hair and demand for quality hairstyles and male grooming is growing.

In the 1960s people talked about hairdressing as being the best career in the world and was highly sought after and respected in the community. Kylie a Hair Stylist from Brisbane said "Sometimes its about perspective. Salon owners are opening up new stores to meet the growing demands, so I can definitely see a chance to succeed in this industry." We believe that you don't need your own business to succeed in this growing hair industry, but meeting the modern stylist demands and keeping a quality pair of hairdressing scissors is all that you need to make an impact!


Hairdressing Industry is built by scissors in Australia

These days everyone is looking at a university degree as being the best way to succeed in Australia, but hairdressing and barber graduates are learning professional hairdressing and business skills early and this leads to so many hair entrepreneurs succeeding while university graduates are sitting at office jobs looking at what their next hairstyles are going to be.

Hairdressing is about diversity, creativity and that's what makes this industry so popular. What people sometimes fail to miss is the lucrative and secure nature of the work that allows people to achieve financial success that many other careers cannot. There is a large variety of hairdressing options from Salon Stylist to Film or TV, to Teaching cosmetology and so on. This is truly something that hairdressing should be excited for as the opportunity in Australia is endless.

We spoke with a regular customer at Japan Scissors, Takeshi, a salon owner who is passionate about bringing Japanese hairstyles and sharp cutting shears to Australia. Takeshi believes in hard work, continuous learning and a pair of high-quality Juntetsu or Yasaka scissors that allows his hairdressing professionals to give their clients the stylish haircuts every day.

Hair salon business plans in Australia

The employment statistics in "hair care" jumped by 30% between 2009 and 2019. Over 28% of Salons have job openings for hairdressing professionals. Job security for hairdressers is higher than almost any other profession and all you need is a quality pair of hair cutting scissors and some hairstyle know-how and you can be employed anywhere in Australia.

Men's size barber scissor sales have risen by 32% since 2010 and are a direct sign of the male hair grooming industry expanding in Australia. Men are looking for modern hairstyles and are paying a premium to get the best cuts from professionals. A large number of salon hairstylists are switching over to barbering due to the quick cuts, single pair of barber scissor requirements and high profitability.

Hairdressers are a part of every community, they help people look and feel better, more confident and beautiful. Hair professionals can be employed anywhere and have growing entrepreneurial opportunities to become financially successful. So when we hear people talk about how hard the hair industry is, we think otherwise! The future is hair in Australia and all you need is a good pair of scissors to get started.

James Adams
James Adams

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