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Trimming & Maintaining Your Beard Between Barber Visits

Maintaining and trimming your hair on daily basis is indeed very much important to maintain a healthy look. Before we start off with this topic, remember to trust a major type of beard-cutting only to a professional barber or a stylist.

Their perspective and skills on your beard trimming can any day worth more than anything. Remember to cut your hairs at an interval of every two weeks and your beard once in every five to six weeks.

Here in this topic, we are going to discuss what you need to do between your visits to a barbershop. Remember learning to trim your own beard helps a lot in giving optimum control over your looks.

Clipping Or Snipping

How to trim and maintain your beard

Remember every job in this universe requires some sort of skill set and toolset. Clippers can be a great companion in case you are having short beards and want to tighten them or gain control over them with the help of guards.

Clippers can also help you in making better edges according to your desire. While you are working with this tool, don’t forget to take time such that you don’t over trim. Over trimming can lead to a complete shave in case you don’t like the way it looks.

Apart from clippers, another great way is to make use of scissors to trim your beard. Make sure you buy a pair of high-quality hair styling scissors from a salon or a barber supply store.

All the scissor types that are designed to cut hair generally consist of serrated edges in order to capture and trim the beard. Remember household scissors won't be of any help as hairs would be sliding between the edges.

How To Trim Your Beard At Home?

Man trimming his beard at home

Before anything else make sure you are present in a properly lit room along with a mirror in front. Make sure that your beard is completely dry before you start the actual trimming process.

Remember wet hair appears to be longer and can be leading to an over trim especially if you are a novice.

The best technique to trim beard is to make use of a pair of fine-toothed comb in order to fluff your beard in and out. After you are done with this, use your scissors to cut the beard end while it is standing up.

Try to go slow and steady and always take some time in accordance with your beard goals. After you are done with everything make sure to comb it down to see how it looks.

Another great way to trim a beard is by using a comb to lift the hair in the upward direction and then trimming it all along the line of the teeth.

Never cut directly in your beard and always remember to make it parallel to your face. In case you are having a long beard, try to make use of your fingers while pinching the beard hair in between.

Remember a trimmed beard can give you a big difference in your overall style statement. However, if you are doing it all by yourself, make sure you take care of all the needed safety requirements before you start the process.

To know more about beard styling or hair styling make sure you follow us through our website.

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