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Can Barbers Cut Long Hair?

A very common question that comes into the head of every person with long hair is whether to visit a salon or a barber.

To answer whether barbers cut long men and women's hair depends on several factors. Remember, just as you won't be going to a cardiac surgeon for a brain injury you won't be going to a salon for getting a buzz-cut type of haircut. It all depends on the barbershop, the barber staff and their training.

Deciding to choose a barber and a salon can be tricky, so here in this article, we are going to see if barbers do cut long hair!

Can Barbers cut long hair?

From the barber's perspective, trimming hair can be a simple task, so most barbers will be capable of trimming your shoulder-length or long hair.

In case you are planning to cut and restyle your long hair, you might find the barbers doing the job better at shorter hairstyles.

Most of the barbers are very much experienced at what they do, which include:
  • short hairstyles
  • men's haircuts
  • trimming hair
  • shaving and lining-up beards
In saying this, if you go to a reputable and high-quality barbershop, they should have staff trained to cut, style and maintain longer hairstyles for both men and women.

The best part is they can even help in recommending a product that can be of great help for you to maintain and manage long hair much better.

Should Men With Long Hair Go To A Salon Or A Barber Shop?

Women with long hair at a barbershop

This ultimately depends on your price range and your haircut type. Most of the times, barbers usually use clippers and scissors for shorter men's haircuts.

Finding a barbershop that has staff ready to cut longer hair may be more expensive than salons, as its less common to have client's with long hair.
Shorter men's haircuts are much less expensive and are faster than longer haircuts at a regular salon.

In case you visit a salon having a good reputation, you might see a stylist having experienced only with women's long haircuts. A barber might be good in getting you a men's hair look that is custom-tailored according to your hair growth patterns, hair texture, lifestyle, and the amount of time that you generally put into styling it.

Salons are mostly costly, and you might pay much more to them when compared to a barber. Furthermore, you even might not be having the luxury of getting in to get an appointment.

Barbers might ask you what sort of hair trim you want for your long hair and this comes from their end normally without much feedback.

Remember a haircut that you get from a barber is always a simple one and very easy on maintenance. If you want all these, remember a barbershop is a right fit for you.

Finally, most of the barbers out there are trained to cut medium, short, and even long hair. You can always visit a salon, but they might not be as very much experienced at styling or cutting long men's hair as a trained and professional barber.

Remember a barber is always trained with the art of cutting any type of men hair. They are the best when it comes to studying men's hairstyles and hair types.

They usually have in-depth skills and knowledge about most hairstyles, such as a fade or an undercut. Apart from that, they know what and how to recommend you with solutions in case you have any issues.

On the contrary, cosmetologists or hair stylists can only make general and at times vague recommendations. Barbers can really analyse elements of your hair according to your face shape and hair type in order to find the right haircut for you.

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