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Growing a beard — Ways to grow a beard

Having a beard adds much to a man’s personality. If you have a fuller beard, you might get compliments about it daily. But if you haven’t had that beautiful, dark, and fuller beard, then this article might be of great assistance to have one.

Having a thick and fuller beard has a lot to do with your genes’ makeup. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the genes, there is no tonic in this world to get you one. If it is in your gene to have much facial hair, it will probably be this way. Lifestyle that hinders hair growth, and thus, we have to live with little or no beard at all.

But worry no more; there are undoubtedly various methods of growing a beard and makes it thicker and healthy. With a few tips and tricks, you can accelerate hair growth and make your beard thicker and fuller.
All the tips and tricks mentioned below will only support the body’s potential of growing a beard.

Therefore, keep on reading this article to find out the tricks through which you can grow your beard and have a mane you are always meant to have.

So keep on reading if you want to know how to grow a beard!

Reasons behind Facial Hair Growth

As the beard growth initiates when you hit puberty, we can conveniently presume that the growth is directly related to testosterone levels.

An average male testosterone range between 265 to 916 ng/dl. The level of testosterone in your body once again depends on your genetics.

Along with genetics, facial hair growth also depend on health and skin conditions. If your skin is more prone to ingrown hairs, pimples, and clogged follicles, you will most likely end up having a light beard.

Regular moisturization and exfoliation are highly recommended if you have such skin.

Phases of Beard Growth

Have you ever read about phases of hair growth? Well, most of us don’t know such a thing exists, but it does.

Our hairs, including facial hairs, go through three growth phases, including

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

Anagen phase of hair growth:

Anagen is the growth phase of hairs, and in this phase, the root cells in hair follicles go through rapid division.

The anagen phase of hair lasts from two to six-year or, in some cases, even more. Your DNA is the one who gets to decide how long your Anagen phase would be.

During the anagen phase, our hairs grow ½ inch or more per month as the cells go through excessive division.

Catagen phase of hair growth:

One of the shortest phases in hair growth, the catagen phase, represents the traditional hair growth phase. In the catagen phase, hair growth stops, and the strands separate from the follicles and get attached to the skin.

Moreover, the hair strand’s blood supply also goes off, and there is no growth during this phase. The catagen phase lasts for two to three weeks, and during that, the hair follicle stops growing.

Telogen phase of hair growth:

The telogen phase, also known as the shedding phase of hair, is the last phase in which the new hair pushes out the old one.

With the old hair strand shedding, the follicle goes back to the Anagen phase, and the whole process starts over. The telogen phase lasts for two to four months.

How To Grow A Beard Thicker & Fuller

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to overall health. However, in our hectic routine, we tend to adopt habits that are not at all healthy.

Like many other things, growing a beard is also associated with a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining healthy eating habits, drinking plenty of water, sleeping properly, and regular exercise routine is all it takes to have healthy hair growth.

Most of the hair growth happens at night when the cellular division of hair follicles is at peak. If you do not rest and recharge your body during that time, the division process would be affected, resulting in a lower growth rate.

Along with sleep, we also have to take care of our bloody supply and the blood’s nutrient levels. A healthy blood supply ensures proper growth. Add all kinds of nutrients to your diet to promote hair growth. Also for a better blood supply, maintaining a regular exercise routine is pertinent.

Patience is the key

Over the last few decades, beards have made a comeback ad where most men crave thick, fuller beard. If you are among the many desiring to grow a healthy beard, my friend will have to be patient.

A thick, heavy, and fuller beard don’t appear overnight. You have to work on specific aspects to get one. You have to start working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to grow a healthy beard.

Kick start your testosterone levels

While having a thick beard is naturally depends on your DNA structure, there are still some remedies to boost the growth naturally.

Do not worry; we are not going to post any home remedy for you to follow. Testosterone is the sole hormone that is responsible for the differentiation between males and females.

This hormone is of great importance for the building and strengthening of muscles in males. Moreover, testosterone is the one that drives your libido and makes you feel manly and all pumped up. So, for healthy beard growth, you have to seek help from this hormone.

Increasing the levels of testosterone naturally boosts hair growth as well. You can give an immediate boost to your testosterone levels by adopting manly habits like muscle building workouts.

The intense weight lifting could boost the level of testosterone in the body. Try various workout routines during the day as the level of testosterone varies during the day.

An intense workout routine with a prime focus on muscle building could definitely be going to give a boost to your testosterone levels.

Additionally, you can seek help from your diet to boost the testosterone levels. Increased fat accumulation in the body hinders testosterone. Thus, maintain a balanced nutrient level in your diet to keep your hormones within the normal range and in check.

Try to eat lean protein, iron-rich food, vegetables, and whole grains. Zinc is one great way to boost testosterone and beard growth. Also, the folic acid and B-suite of vitamins prove helpful in hair growth.

Maintaining a balanced diet routine, including vitamins and minerals that are good for overall hair growth, are the few essential steps through which you can naturally boost your testosterone levels.

Care for skin

A Healthy and luscious strand came out from healthy skin underneath. If you are craving a thick and fuller beard, you must take good care of your skin. However, the male species is not associated with adopting a specific skincare routine.

You have to work hard to get what you desire. Wash your face regularly, cleanse and exfoliate it once or twice a week to avoid ingrown.

Moisturize your skin to provide it with the required moisture. When you keep your face clean and moisturize, you clear the clogged pores, clean the hair follicles, and welcome the new beard.

Regular cleansing and moisturization are the critical steps in maintaining healthy skin and promoting healthy hair growth.

You can also use various kinds of beard oils available in the market to make your beard more soft, thick, and fuller. The more you take care of your skin, the better beard you get.

There are plenty of men’s beauty care products available in the market, manufactured according to the male anatomy.

Foods for Improved Beard

A beard is a part of your body and depicts a relation between a healthy beard and a healthy body. If you plan on having a thicker, fuller beard, various foods can help you achieve this goal.

Sweet potatoes

Our body requires Beta-carotene, which is then converted to get Vitamin A to boost hair growth by promoting cell growth. You can obtain Beta-Carotene from external sources like sweet potatoes.


Another critical ingredient required by the hair cells for growth is zinc. Oysters are a great source of zinc and protein, both of which improved hair growth.


A rich source of minerals and nutrients like calcium, iron, and biotin, eggs serve as the power booster for hair growth. Eggs are a natural food that offers protein, zinc, and various crucial nutrients required by the body.


One of the primary sources of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, and protein, spinach is the panacea for hair growth and proof to benefit beard growth. You can use spinach in every form and manner, and the results are always promising.


Just a pinch of cinnamon, and see the benefits for yourself. Cinnamon is excellent for increasing the oxygen in the hair follicle. You can use cinnamon in various ways in your food like adding A Pinch in your protein shake, toasting it in oatmeal, you would like to have, but don't it take cinnamon directly.


The liver is an excellent source of iron protein and biotin.

Dry nuts

Peanuts, almonds are also excellent sources of biotin.

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