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Does Trimming Or Cutting A Beard Make It Grow Faster?

Before we start our topic, let us tell you what actually trimming means. Remember tackling a trim doesn’t actually mean to lob off a few inches or small hair lengths.

While dealing with trimming the best tool is a pair of high-quality scissors. These tools are a great way to cut off the split ends and crop the beard, especially during the growth phase. Trimming or cutting isn’t only about managing split ends of a beard.

As your facial hair continues to grow, you might be finding certain areas that outpace others. This phenomenon can leave your actual beard look unkempt and misshapen.

While you are up with grooming remember to work with the rough spots and dead hair as that can help in healthier and better hair growth. Despite all the care you take, remember uneven beard patches and split ends are actually unavoidable. Trimming the beard hair can help in staving off trouble in the future.

Can Regular Shaving Or Trimming Help in Beard Growth?

A one-word answer to this is a simple no. Regular trimming or shaving isn’t actually going to be of any help in your beard growth.

There are many men out there who have already put a lot of effort and time into figuring out the actual science behind beard growth. Therefore all their data can be termed as extremely convincing.

There are three main phases of hair growth for your beard:

  • The Anagen phase of hair growth is when the hair roots start dividing rapidly. you can expect your beard hairs to grow 1-2cm everyday for one month.

  • The Catagen phase of hair growth starts beard the end of the month-long Anagen growth phase. This phase lasts around two weeks and the hair doesn't grow as much as it strengthens itself while attaching the hair to the shaft.
  • The Telogen phase the time where the hair stops growing and rests while it becomes a fully solidified and kertaninized hair. 

The first phase of hair growth involves a growing period of approximately 3 to 5 years. After that, the second phase or the catagen comes as a quick blip of around 1 or 2 weeks. Generally, this is the stage when the whiskers stop growing. In case you are lucky, your hair might also grow a few inches after this phase, and this process marks the start of new shedding.

Here your facial hair kinds of sit on your face waiting to be washed or brushed away. Remember, on average, a person sheds approximately fifty to a hundred hairs every day.

Putting An End To The Old Belief

With all the trimming and shaving facts checked and all the science behind it deciphered, now you know that human hairs are always in a state of change. The different beard growth phases, also known as the beard circle of life, make your beard remain in the move.

Remember, there can be times when your whiskers are growing long and strong whereas there might be times when they opt out to take a break.

Regular trimming or shaving of beard helps in giving a better overall presentation. This manual labour conducted on your face can help in doing away with split ends, dead hair, even all the patchy parts, and open spaces for new hairs to breathe.

Trimming will never make your beard grow exponentially, but it is indeed a surefire way to keep your facial hairs in the best shape. A regular shave or a trim is the best way to put your face forward.

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