The Most Expensive Hairdressing Scissors

Expensive scissors

The world's hairdressing scissor collection is massive! Usually we get asked about the most affordable hairdressing scissors, but sometimes its good to know what the most expensive pairs are.

what defines 'expensive' when it comes to professional blades?

  • The overall quality of the steel
  • The craftsmanship of the blade and handle
  • The style and design
  • The marketing and branding 

So you may find a pair of expensive Chinese scissors, that uses basic stainless steel, but has a high budget marketing campaign you are paying for with it's expensive retail price.

On the other hand, more Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies are producing 440c, VG10 or similar quality at more affordable prices.

Expensive blades at affordable prices? Sounds like a win.

Japanese and German blades are the most expensive for the best reason.

You are paying for the materials, craftsmanship, and not the advertising and marketing that typically pumps up the prices for brands like Kamisori.

Our most expensive hair scissors available are:

  1. Jaguar Black Line Evolution Hair Scissors
  2. Kamisori Jade Professional Hair Cutting Shears
  3. Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors 3pc Master Set
  4. Juntetsu Offset Cutting & Thinning Set
  5. Yasaka Japan's K-10 Barber Shear

When looking for the most expensive hairdressing scissors, Germany and Japan holds the record.

Hairdressing and barber shears are as expensive as $3,000 USD with unique styles, limited manufactured stock and premium materials.

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