The Best Sharpening Service In The Gold Coast, QLD

Beyond Sharp Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening Service Gold Coast
For all the hairdressers, barbers and hairstylists in the Gold Coast (SEQ) looking for the best sharpening service available, your search is officially over!

The best sharpeners are able to return your hair cutting and thinning scissors back to their original sharpness. Hairdressers treasure a trustworthy and skilled sharpener as they help protect their investment in scissors.

At Japan Scissors, we receive a lot of requests about recommending a scissor sharpening service in the Gold Coast area. 

We would like to introduce you to Beyond Sharp, a true professional sharpening service that handles the best hairdressing scissor blades (bevelled edge, convex, etc.) with care.


What does the best sharpening service offer?

  • Professional sharpening service that returns your scissors in better condition than when you originally received them
  • Sharpening convex edge and bevelled edge shears
  • Matching factory angles
  • Hand honed ride lines
  • Properly dismantling the shears 
  • Inspecting shears under magnification to properly diagnose any sharpness issues with the blades
  • Cleaning the scissors prior to sharpening

The Beyond Sharp team provides a comprehensive mobile service with a fast turn-around for each pair of hairdressing and barber scissors, so make sure to book in a visit for yourself and your colleagues!

Why Beyond Sharp is the sharpening service for you!

The Beyond Sharp team uses "high end Twice as Sharp", Ookami Gold scissor sharpening system from the USA that is specifically designed to sharpen professional-grade hair scissors.

The Ookami Gold Scissor sharpening system is proven to sharpen all types of professional hairdressing scissor brands, different scissor lengths, styles used by professional hairdressers and barbers. 

The results speaks for themselves with almost all pairs returning to showroom sharpness.

The sharpening service for hairdressers and barbers incudes a clean, sharpen, honing, washers and stops if needed, polish, lubrication, set, balance, tension and tips.

Gold Coast, QLD
Coverage: Gold Coast
Phone: 043 833 8749

Single Bevel Edge: $45
Convex Edge: $55
Thinners & Texturizers: $25

In-Person: Fast On-site turn-around time
Mail Sharpening Service Available with the same prices + postage costs.
Service: Clean, Sharpen, Honing, Washers and Stops if needed, Polish, Lubrication, Set, Balance, Tension and Tips


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