The Best Sharpening Service In Hobart, TAS

The Best Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening Service In Hobart, Tasmania: Best Edge
Whether you are a hairdresser, barber or hairstylist, we all know its difficult to find a reliable sharpening service that will can professionally sharpen hairdressing scissors. And when you do, you don't let go!

At Japan Scissors, we receive a lot of requests about recommending a scissor sharpening service in Hobart and the greater Tasmanian region. 

We would like to introduce you to Best Edge Mobile Sharpening, run by John Hiscock, a true professional sharpening service that handles the best blades (bevelled edge, convex, etc.) with care.


What does the best sharpening service offer?

  • Professional sharpening service that comes to you with our fully equipped mobile workshop
  • Sharpening convex edge and bevelled edge shears
  • Matching factory angles
  • Hand honed ride lines
  • Properly dismantling the shears 
  • Inspecting shears under magnification to properly diagnose any sharpness issues with the blades
  • Cleaning the scissors prior to sharpening
  • Including Left Handed Scissors

The Best Edge team provides a mobile service with a fast turn-around for each pair of hairdressing and barber scissors, so make sure to book in a visit for yourself and your colleagues!

Why Best Edge is the sharpening service for you!

Sharpening has been operating in Tasmania now for 4 years and we sharpen hairdressing scissors. Best Edge does most professional hairdressing scissor brands Including thinners & left handed shears using the Wolff industries Ookami Gold sharpening process.

This machine will do convex and bevelled edge shears and will match factory angles. The ride line is hand honed. The shears are dismantled, inspected under magnification & cleaned prior to sharpening.

We also carry a large range of spare parts for most brands of shears. We have a mobile workshop & shears are picked up and done in the van outside the premises.

Turnaround is usually around 20 minutes & we carry loan shears if needed. Average time between sharpening for a set of good quality shears is averaging 18 months – 2 years

Hobart, Tasmania
Coverage: Hobart + Mail-in Service Available
Phone: 0488 008 001

Bevelled Edge: $47.50  inc. GST
Convex Edge: $71.50 inc. GST
Thinners & Texturizers: $27.50 inc. GST

In-Person: Usually 20 minutes to service each pair of scissors.
Mail Sharpening Service Shears sharpened on day of receipt and Express Posted same day or next day.
Service: Test, dismantle, clean, sharpen, reassemble, balance, lubricate & performance test.


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