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Hairdressing Scissors Sydney

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Sydney had Australia's highest demand for professional, apprentice, student and home hairdressing scissors. 

The industry is changing and Sydney hairdressing professionals aren't buying $3,000 pairs of shears anymore.

Higher quality and affordable scissors have never been more available. 

For a pair of premium Japanese scissors that will keep cutting for 5-10 years in Sydney, it will only cost $200-300.

For a home hairdresser or apprentice and student, you can expect to pay between $50 and $250 to get you started.

Hairdressing scissors online in Sydney ships the same day.

If you can wait, get a high quality Japanese hairdressing scissors online on Sydney!

The Sydney barber community looks for 7" to 8" hair cutting shears. The hairdressing industry looks for lightweight Shears that will keep cutting for years.

Beauticians, barbers, hairdressers and salon specialists in Sydney all need the sharpest cutting tools for the best haircuts. 



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