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Yasaka Traditional Shears in Australia

What are Yasaka Traditional Scissors and how are Traditional scissors different from modern scissors? Yasaka Scissors in Australia produce modern and traditional styles for professionals.

What is the difference between new and traditional scissor designs? There are a lot of new professional hairdressing scissors and shears designs out there in the market at the moment, but the reason older brands like Yasaka Shears Japan stays strong is that they are reliable, produce consistent quality and have been improving on older traditional Japanese hairdressing scissor designs for a long long time.

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We interviewed a long-time customer, Sarah, a Salon Owner in Brisbane about the choices between modern offset designs and traditional scissor designs:

"I look for simple traditional designs in my new pairs of hairdressing scissors that I buy online in Australia. As much as I appreciate the modern styles and designs, simplicity and quality are the two things I look for when buying hair cutting scissors. My new favourites are the Yasaka traditional shears as they are small, have a slim simple design and cut really well."
The traditional Japanese designs are a new and improved version of old simple Japan hairdressing scissors. The new improvement Yasaka Shears implements in these designs are better engineering and craftsmanship, higher quality robust materials (Japanese Steel) and of course the ergonomics.

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The ergonomics are more and more important in Japanese Scissors as professional hairdressers and barbers realise they need to look after themselves as much as they do the shears, so the new lightweight ergonomics puts less pressure and strain on your fingers, wrist and elbow.

Yasaka Traditional Shears Australia

The Yasaka Traditional Straight Cutting Scissors are an example of Yasaka’s traditional inspiration for hairdressing scissors and new methods and materials used to produce higher quality products.

They use a clam shaped convex edge blade that allows for the sharpest edge while cutting. This allows the Yasaka Scissors to be used in any situation and to cut the smoothest without any tugging, pulling or embarrassment. Giving the hairdressers and barbers who use these Yasaka Shears the confidence to make clients coming back for more and more.

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The convex edge really shines in Yasaka Scissors when they are produced from the right materials, and the Yasaka Traditional Scissors are made from Japanese 440C steel that allow for superior hardness. The result is a sharp blade that just keeps on cutting and cutting!

Yasaka Traditional 5.5" Scissors Australia
The ergonomics of the Yasaka Traditional Shears are lightweight and a slightly offset handle. This helps keep a comfortable and natural position while cutting to avoid strain.

Japan Scissors is well aware that RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is very real in the industry of hairdressers and barbers, so we always encourage the use of the right scissors for you with ergonomics to protect you as you cut.

The lightweight ability of Yasaka Scissors takes a lot of pressure off your wrist while maintaining a blade hardness and sharpness for the smoothest cuts.
If you are looking for professional traditional scissors, Yasaka is the perfect example of ergonomics for professional keeping you safe while cutting and cutting for your clients.

Yasaka Traditional Scissors 5" Inch
The Yasaka Traditional Straight Cutting Scissors are well known for the engineering, using the highest quality connections to keep the two blade tight. Yasaka Scissors have a expert quality assurance process for each Yasaka Shears produced to ensure that everything is working smoothly before they send them to Japan Scissors.

Each pair of Yasaka Shears are produced with care and professionalism, so you can have confidence you are receiving the best of the best.
Yasaka Official Pouch for Scissors
The Yasaka Traditional scissors has a full length straight blade. The best scissors for cutting hair and wet hairdressing are Yasaka Shears. Japanese Scissors offers scissors at salon prices and cheap shears for cutting hair without sacrificing quality.

Japan Scissors does not have a large collection, but we offer quality Japanese Shears at warehouse prices. Different types of hair scissors for elegance hairdressing, convcave haircut, scissors with teeth, emerald hairdressers scissors and scissors made for professionals in Australia.

If you are looking for scissors and shears with scissor pouches or scissor pouch in the set at the best prices, then take a look through our collection of Japanese scissors, as we offer a scissor pouch with each purchase to keep your scissors protected and safe in their unique and stylish pouch.


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