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March 04, 2019 2 min read

Yasaka Shears Japan is known as the premium Japanese Traditional Scissor company. Producing simple ergonomic styles with the highest quality Japanese steel scissors. What's more traditional than Barber shops? So Yasaka's recently pushing their flagship 7" Inch Barber Shear internationally as the best barber equipment made in Japan.

Yasaka Japan 7" Inch Barber Scissor Shear

Working as a barber isn't just about the ability to cut, nor is it just about the ability to get through as many customers as you can every day. Repeat business is crucial and customers come back for the Barber's style and quality of equipment that expresses his/her passion in hairstyle and the barber industry. 

With a traditional barber in mind, Yasaka has produced the unique and high-quality Japan 7" Barber Shear to lead the way to the international barber market. Having a unique and simplistic design, a beautiful "Yasaka" logo in Kanji, lightweight perfectly balance, and ergonomics with an offset handle for your safety while cutting.

What's more to like? Surely, at this point you would be expecting an expensive price tag to go with these high-quality Japanese barber shears. As of 2019, Japan Scissors is working closely with Yasaka Shears Japan to bring you the highest quality at the best price, so no longer will you need to pay $700+ for these shears, we are bringing them to you for only $349 including free shipping.

"I use seven inch barber scissors from Japan," Barber Expert John Munez explained. "as the quality is higher, they last long, and they give me more confidence when cutting hair, but the recent trend is showing people buying $50 dollar scissors and replacing them every 3-6 months. After using Yasaka for over 5 years, I would say these are the best barber shears for high quality yet affordable."
Yasaka Japan 7" Inch Barber Scissors

Yasaka Shears Japan is well known in Australia and New Zealand as delivering high-quality Japanese Hairdressing Scissors, and now they are looking to dominate the Barber Scissors market. But innovation in Barber Shears is sometimes in perfecting the simplicity of design.

For the most affordable premium Japanese shears, with stylish designs, ergonomics, high quality corrosion, and rust resistant metals, look no further than Yasaka Shears Japan.

The Yasaka 7" Inch Barber Shears are the most popular purchase for barbers at Japan Scissors. They come with unique ergonomics that prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and are overall safer for day-to-day use. They look after you if you look after them. 

The Yasaka Shears come with a lightweight and perfect balance, this takes the weight off your joints, wrist, and hand while cutting for an extended period of time.
The Convex blade is unique to Japanese Hairdressing and Barber Scissors as they are incredibly sharp and keep cutting without tugging or pulling.

The Yasaka 7" Inch Blade is no stranger to sharpness, and will deliver the best cuts time and time again. The Japanese steel in these scissors is resistant and durable making them a friend that will last a lifetime.

So if you are looking for an affordable Japanese scissors brand and the perfect everyday shears, look no further than the Yasaka 7" Inch Barber Shears. Available at the best price through Japan Scissors.

James Adams
James Adams

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