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What Size Thinning Shears Should I Get? Best Thinning Scissor Size

The majority of thinning scissors range in length between 4.5" and up to 7.0". For a complete thinning tool, take a measurement of how long the hair thinning shear is against the middle finger and then the total length of the thinning scissors against the palm extended of your hand.

Women are generally more comfortable with an 5.5" or 6.0" thinning scissors that thin, however, most men prefer the 6.0" or 6.5" thinning shear. More long thinning shears, such as 6.5" to 8" scissors, are ideal for thinning scissors over combiner work as well as for longer styles. The final point is that comfort should be the primary consideration.

If you want to choose an all-around hair thinner scissor, need to determine your blade's length against the middle finger and then the length overall of the scissor against your extended hand. Women are generally more comfortable using the 5.5" or 6.0 scissors and men generally prefer the 6.0" or 6.5" shear.

It is the size of thinning scissors used by a beginning stylist who is learning cutting the hair is actually determined by the dimensions of their hands. The scissors should fit comfortably into the hand, otherwise the stylist could be awkward while cutting. 

When you find that the scissors aren't big enough to fit comfortably in the hands, then the movement of the fingers could be sluggish, however If they're too large they may not be able to open enough to allow a smooth cutting. The majority of students I had when I first started were in school used thinning scissors that are 4.5" up to 5.5" in size. 

Since I'm tall my instructor suggested to purchase bigger thinning scissors and they made huge differences. I have 6.5" scissors that have replaceable cutting blades so I don't have to return the scissors to sharpen them. (The company makes replaceable-blade scissors in a wide range in sizes.) In my class at the beginning the average length of the scissor measured 5.5".

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