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Top 5 Best Matte Black Hairdressing Scissors

For a hairdresser or barber, the most essential tool in their hairdressing kit is an excellent pair of hairdressing shears. And while the handle, design, and blade play a crucial part in its performance, the color adds to its persona.

The two main popular types of black colors on hairdressing scissors are Matte Black and Polished Black. 

Matte Black is easily the most popular and best selling style of hairdressing scissors our of any other colour, with Rose Gold coming in second place! 

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The difference between Matte Black & Polished (Mirror) Black Hair Scissors 

The difference between Matte Black & Mirror Black Polished Hairdressing Scissors

The polished black, as the name instills, shines and sparkles. Likewise, the matte black doesn’t shine and is a solid color as you will see in the pictures below.

The Matte Black finish is a satin black pigment on the dull side of the spectrum. It is an unsaturated shade of black and, it has low brightness. It also lacks shine and is non-reflective. To achieve a Matte Black finish powder coating is typically applied.

In a way, Matte Black is the New Black, its magnificent finish has a dramatic look yet it also instills professionalism. The matte back design speaks of silent elegance. It is sleek and is an easy competition against the standard silver hairdressing scissors.

The matte black hairdressing scissors are a client favorite at Japan scissors. These head-turning hair shears are timeless and have proven to be an all-time favorite among our clients as well.

The different types of Matte Black scissors for hairdressing and haircutting

The Polish Black, on the other hand, looks high-end and simple very luxurious to own. Its reflective surface glints and reflects light, making it seem almost otherworldly. We personally think that polished black has its own class and niche in the hairdressing world. Most polished black shears are extremely stylish and made with high-quality premium steel. Some polished back scissors also have an iridescent finish, reflecting off colors like black, red, or purple.

That's why we at Japan scissors offer you an extensive collection of different types of hairdressing scissors to choose from. You are likely to find a pair that suits you on our website, we guarantee it! You get to choose from a wide collection of polished and matt blacks without compromising on blade quality, comfort, or design.

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Below we've highlighted our top 5 matte black and polished black hairdressing scissors: 

Top 5 Black Hairdressing Scissors: Matte Black & Polished Black

1. Mina Matte Black Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors 

The Best Matte Black Hair Scissor Set From Mina | Matte Black Shears

The most popular selling Matte Black hairdressing scissors for everyday haircutting is from Mina. 

Mina Matte Black uses Stainless Cutting Steel and sharp haircutting edges to produce the perfect all-rounder for hairdressers, apprentices and even home use.

The Jet-Black Matte design makes these an attractive addition to any hair scissor collection, and are one of the best value hair scissor sets and kits available online!

This set available at Japan Scissors includes the above-mentioned scissors along with a pouch and cleaning cloth!

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2. Ichiro Matte Black Cutting & Thinning Scissors Set

Buy The Ichiro Best Matte Black Hairdressing Scissors

Ichiro never compromises on quality for these matte black hairdressing cutting and thinning scissors. It uses 440C high-quality cutting steel you produce high-grade professional hair tools.

This particular pair of hairdressing shears has comfortable ergonomics. The offset handle and the lightweight steel together balance and take the pressure and strain off you even when working for long periods of time.

The Ichiro Matte Black cutting scissors have excellent convex edge blades that deliver smooth and effortless cuts.

The Ichiro Matte Black Thinning scissors have fine v-shaped teeth for serration and simple easy cutting. The teeth have fine grooves that ensure smooth thinning of hair. This set comes with a leather pouch, scissor oil, and cleaning cloth.

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3. Timeless Cutting & Thinning Scissors Set

 The Best Matte Black Scissor Set Is Timeless | Apprentice Matte Black Scissors

A pair of steel scissors can do wonders and, Mina knows that better than anyone. They are crafted from reliable cutting-grade steel, these black scissors are lightweight and durable. The stainless steel alloy is resistant to corrosion and wears as well.

It too has offset handles that ensure comfortable movement and hand positioning when cutting hair.

The Mina Diamond Hair Cutting Scissors have sharp convex edge blades. It has a tension adjuster that allows the hairdresser to maneuver in easy and silent cutting motions.

The Mina Diamond Hair Thinning Scissors have fine 30 teeth. The V-shaped teeth have a thinning rate of 20% to 30% and allow for a smooth texturizing motion.

This set at japan scissors includes the following accessories: Cutting Scissors, Thinning Shears, Two Combs Maintenance Oil, Leather Cleaning Cloth, and a leather pouch.

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4. Kamisori Black Diamond III Hair Shear Set

The Best Kamisori Matte Black Hair Scissor Set

Kamisori's all-new Black diamond model is forged with an ergonomic design. It has been perfected to a high degree of sharpness and durability. This black diamond III hair shearing seat is perfect for cutting both wet and dry hair. It also has a matching texturizing scissor.

It has the classic offset handle that makes it ideal to maneuver the scissors without stressing your hand. The cobalt steel allows for a smooth, coordinated, and consistent movement. The blades have a convex edge making it easy to grasp and cut hair. Its matt dark titanium finish is a thing of beauty and, these scissors deserve a place in your tool kit. 

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5. Juntetsu Night Cutting & Thinning Scissors Set

Juntetsu Night Matte Block Polished Hair Scissors Set 

The ultimate hybrid of Matte Black and a mirror finish from Juntetsu is the Night model. Utilising the best VG10 Japanese steel and sharpest convex edge blade, these are perfect for any hairdresser, hairstylist and barber.

These Juntestu polished black hairdressing scissors are made with high-end cutting steel (VG10). Juntetsu is known for designing lightweight and sharp scissors that cut effortlessly. The polished finish helps it be resistant to corrosion and wear.

The premium VG10 steel, gives sharp yet durable convex edge blades, making this a must-have hair shears for hairdressers.

The Juntetsu Night Hair Cutting scissor is crafted with hardened VG10 steel to give us sharp convex blades with an excellent cutting edge. Likewise, the Juntetsu night air thinning scissors have 30 fine v teeth with serrations that make for a pleasant smooth thinning motion. Furthermore, the offset handles allow all four fingers on the handle at the same time. It helps prevent muscle fatigue and repetitive strain injuries.

This set available at Japan Scissors includes the above-mentioned scissors along with a leather pouch, scissor oil, and a cleaning pouch.

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  • It never hurts to have some style, even when it comes to hair scissors. The most important thing about hairdressing scissors is that they are quality items and maintained well. These matte black hairdressing scissors sound like they are quality items and would like good next to any hairdresser who wants to show some style in their hairdressing game.


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