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The Top 10 Best Scissor Cases & Pouches

Hairdressers and barbers are attached to their scissors both emotionally and figuratively. What better way to keep them always close and at hand than by investing in a hair scissors wallet, case, or pouch?

The most common way to damage or completely destroy a pair of hairdressing scissors is to put them unprotected in a bag, only to find that they have then been dented and broken later.

So how can you fix this problem? Buying a scissor protector case, pouch or wallet to make sure that your special pair of hairdressing scissors are protected from any physical damage.

The scissor cases and pouches you can buy typically innclude:

  • Special buckle holders to secure your scissors
  • Leather or a robust material that will protect your hairdressing scissors from physical damage
  • Extra slots for combs, styling or texturizing razors, and shaving razors
  • Zippers and other specific features that protect your shears from water and other chemicals

offers a wide array of pouches, cases, and wallets to choose from. From colours to design, we offer premium quality hairdressing pouch and cases. In this article, we'll be highlighting 7 of our favourites. But before we dive into that, let's see what each has to offer.

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How To Choose A Hairdressing Pouches, Cases, and Wallets

Pouches and cases efficiently hold scissors and keep them protected against physical and water damage. All scissor pouches can hold about two to eight pairs of scissors.

Japan Scissors luxury hairdressing scissor zip-wallets, cases and pouches are all handmade. They are designed concerning comfort and durability alongside protection.

The most popular different types of cases that protect your scissors in the salon, hairdressers or barbershop include:

  • Scissor Wallets: A foldable fabric or leather wallet that rolls open. Great for storing and protecting a large number of hair scissors.
  • Scissor Cases: A zipper or button case that secures and protects your scissors. These are popular as they are typically more robust and also prevent more water or chemical liquid damage to your hairdressing scissors.
  • Scissor Pouches: Scissor pouches are typically made from leather and use buttons to close. They are more fashionable and stylish, but also do a great job at securing and protecting your hairdressing scissors from physical damage.
  • Single Scissor Protector: The scissor protectors hold a single pair of hairdressing scissors and are great for protecting your scissors in your bag or purse. Scissor protectors are typically made from leather and do a great job at protecting from physical damage.
  • Scissor Toolboxes: These protect your hairdressing scissors in a larger case, and also are capable of storing extra tools like your spray bottle, hair dryer, combs, etc,.

There are different types of pouches and cases that you can use to protect your scissors. The most popular and reliable pouches and cases are handmade and use leather or a similar material to reduce the risk of damage to your premium hair shears.

Scissor pouches have heavy stitching and, sturdy clasps all made with high-quality material. Furthermore, they can be taken apart for cleaning with ease.

The Luxury Zip wallets are designed with the same mindset and material. They have heavy gauge zips to ensure longevity. The soft inner divide also ensures that your tools are protected.

Hairdressing scissors and tools are expensive and, pouches, cases, or wallets all help in ensuring that they are not accidentally dropped or damaged.

When shopping for the best scissor cases and pouches, make sure to choose one with these features:

  • Leather or similar durable material to protect your shears
  • Secure buckles to lock in and protect your scissors from falling out
  • Zippers or buttons are typically the best
  • Extra slots to hold in your hair scissors

The best type of case that protects your scissors are ones that tightly secures your shears from falling out, protects them from physical damage when dropped, and also keeps your hairdressing scissors dry to prevent any rust, corrosion or chemical damage.

You can typically find a decent scissor plastic style case or pouch between $20-60. For higher quality leather cases and pouches that protect your scissors, you will need to pay between $60-150. The benefits of leather is that they last longer, can be cleaned, are softer on your scissors, etc,.

Below we’ve highlighted the top 7 scissor pouches and cases for barbers and hairdressers. As mentioned, we have an array of models and, the complete catalog can be viewed on our website, also mentioned above.

Top 10 Best Scissor Pouches and Cases for Hairdressers and Barbers

1. Leather Scissors Case (2Pc)

Luxury Leather scissor case that protects your hairdressing scissors and barber shears

This black leather is sleek and chic. Despite its compact size, this black leather case can hold two hairdressing scissors. Easily the best value case to protect your hair scissors.

It has three additional slots for a comb, oil pen, and razors. Its simple and minimalistic design is water-resistant and helps protect against physical damage. It is a handy case to put your hair cutting and styling tools together.

This is the most popular versatile hairdressing scissor case for hairdressers and barbers!

2. Black Checkered Leather Scissors Pouch (4pcs)

Leather Scissor case that protects 4 hairdressing scissors

Every scissor case and pouch are hand stitched. This particular faux leather pouch has a cotton lining for the protection of your tools. It is durable and waterproof. Apart from four cotton-lined scissor slots, it also has space for combs, razors, and an oil pen.

The exterial materials are water and chemical resistant. The internal lining is softer and more robust to secure your hairdressing scissors, and preventing any physical damage.

The combination of multiple materials makes this case the best hybrid that protects from physical, water and chemical damage. They also provide additional space for your combs, texturizing razors, oil pens, etc.

3. Japan Scissors - Brown Leather Scissors Wallet (5pc)

Leather Scissor wallet that protects up to 6 pairs of your hair scissors

Turquoise and Brown is a match made in heaven. This hand-stitched leather wallet/pouch gives off a “bohemian” vibe with its turquoise button. This wallet is hand-stitched to perfection with premium cowhide. It has five cotton-lined sleeves for your hairdressing shears.

A perfect scissor wallet for luxury comfort and protection for your hairdressing scissors and barber shears

The leather wallet gives extra space to hold up to five hair scissors, and plenty of extras like combs, styling razors and more!

What you get is a scissor wallet made from real leather that gives you the best physical damage protection for your hairdression scissors.

4. Japan Scissors - Black Leather Scissors Wallet (8pcs)

Authentic Leather scissor wallet that protects 8 pairs of hairdressing shears

This black leather pouch has a stylish studded latch for the no-nonsense and professional hairdresser or barber. Cotton lined for durability and protection, it has eight sleeves, all cotton-lined to place your dainty hairdressing scissors in.

If you are looking to protect a complete collection of scissors in the salon or barbershop, then you need the extra space. This Leather Wallet offers high-quality protection against physical damage for up to eight hair scissors.

Each pair of shears are secured, and the wallet also provides extra space to store your styling razor, combs, etc.,

5. Premium Leather Scissor Case (10 Pieces)

Professional Luxury Leather scissor case that protects 10 pairs of hair scissors

We aren't biased towards our own products but, this is definitely one of our favorites! This beautiful beige leather case can house up to 10 hairdressing scissors with ease.

It is made with high-grade cowhide with a waterproof coating to keep your tools safe from wear and damage. It also has a separate layer between products that helps protect the scissors on both sides.

The divider helps keep the scissors from getting stuck in each other and causing scratches or wear. Besides, the divider is also easily detachable to display and has access to all your scissors at once. Another feature of this case is the double magnet clasp that keeps the case closed and secure.

The highest-quality professional-grade hairdressing scissor case that protects an entire collection of hair scissors in the salon or barbershop.

If you are looking for the best quality case to protect your premium hair scisors, then look no further than this Premium Leather Scissor Case!

6. Black Scissors Wallet (6pcs)

Scissor Wallet That Protects up to 6 hairdressing and barber shears

This particular pouch is available in two colors: black and gray. It has a stylish studded trim and easy clasp to secure your tools.

Each wallet has six compartments are all cotton lined and can be used to store your combs and hairdressing shears with ease.

The scissor wallet is able to resist water and chemicals found in salons or barbershops, and also protects your six hair scissors from any physical damage.

The highest-quality entry-level scissor wallet for professionals and apprentices! Protect your growing collection of shears with a new wallet that looks after your investment into professional scissors.

7. Hairdressing Scissor Toolbox

Black hairdressing scissor toolbox for professional hairdressers and barbers

The last one in our lineup is the hairdressing scissors toolbox. These toolboxes are highly functional for professional hairdressers and barbers on the go.

The toolbox can hold your entire haircutting kit with ease. Shears, combs, hair clips, razors, general hair accessories, and even a mini hairdryer!

Japan scissors black hairdressing toolbox features a middle-divider to prevent a clash between your tools. It helps keep the scissors and the combs and razors separate from each other.

Having all your essential hairdressing and styling tools stored in one place, you won't need to carry additional pouches, cases, or wallets for your scissors. It is specifically designed to meet the professional hairdresser's needs and therefore has the compartments to hold the required tools.

This toolbox is available in two sizes:

  1. Large Size: the large size features storage for hairdressing scissors, razors, combs, and clips and additional space for a hairdryer as well. It is large enough to store other accessories like the cape and the spray bottle.
  2. Standard Size: the standard size features space for your regular hair cutting tools from scissors to clips and combs and razors. It does not have additional space for a hairdryer.

This hairdressing toolbox can hold all your hairdressing scissors, and accessories required to cut and style hair in a salon, barbershop or hairdressers!

The large size includes space for other hair accessories alongside a hairdryer while the standard size, does not have space for bulk accessories but, it will store your essential hairdressing tools with ease.

8. Single Leather Scissor Protector (1pc)

Single hairdressing scissor protector. Leather pouch protecting one shear

If you are looking for a simple and affordable scissor protector that is made from real leather, then the Single Leather Scissor Protector is perfect for you!

A simple handmade leather design that securely holds your hairdressing shear. Perfect for protecting a single hair scissors from physical damage in your bag.

9. Pink Scissor Protector Case (4pcs)

Pink scissor protector that protects up to 4 hair scissors

Scissor cases with zippers are often the popular choice as that are less flexible (don't bend) and that allows you to protect your hair shears from physical and any water or chemical damage.

The leather lining and robust stitching makes these a great choice for securing up to four hairdresisng scissors, plus extras!

Affordable with a stylish design that makes these a popular scissor case choice for hairdressers and barbers!

10. Barber Shear Protector Case (1pc)

1 piece barber scissor protective case for professionals

The best barber scissor case that is specifically designed to hold hair shears of a longer length (6", 6.5", 7" and 7.5" inches).

Made with a mixture of Faux Leather and a robust finish, this barber scissor case protects your shears from physical and any water or chemical damage.

The simple design is made with a zipper, and a single slot to buckle in a long barbering shear. The best affordable and professional barbering scissor case to protect your shears in the barbershop and on the go!

Conclusion: What are the best scissor cases and pouches that hairdressers and barbers use?

If you are a hairdresser, hairstylist or barber, you already know the importance of a good pair of scissors.

Choosing the right pair of hairdresser scissors plays an essential part in hair styling. Likewise, selecting a pouch, case, or wallet for the safety and protection of your tools is just as crucial.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of putting a good pair of hairdressing scissors into your bag after work, only to have them get damaged beyond repair.

Ensuring the longevity of your tools is good housekeeping, and Japan scissors provide a variety to choose from. We are sure you'll find one according to your taste, style, and functionality.

Protecting your scissor investment with a pouch or case is like having insurance for your hair tools. Reduce the risk of damage and make sure you get the most from each of your hairdressing scissors by storing them securely in a pouch, case or wallet!

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  • Another situation where you think about a situation and realize the simplicity of the concept. Why would you put a bunch of scissors in a bag when scissors are bladed objects like knives? They are likely to damage the other items and need a sheath like any good blade or in this case, hair scissor cases and pouches.


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