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How Do You Sharpen Thinning Shears At Home?

Thinning shears have become a must-have in hair salons. They are used to thin hair without changing the desired style. It is easy to identify a pair of thinning shears. However, it looks similar to a regular pair of scissors. Instead, the blade has a metal-comb-like shape that serves a thinning purpose.

Thinning Scissor Sharpness

If you want your shears to last, then you will have to spend some money. Shear shearing is more difficult with lower quality blades. At home shear sharpeners can prove difficult because of the numerous gaps. So, make sure you buy stainless steel sheers that have a great edge. Look at the handle to determine the quality of the blades. If it looks cheap or made from inferior materials, it may be low-quality.

The best thinning scissors used by hairdressers are typically found at beauty shops, not your local pharmacy. A beauty shop will offer a wider selection and likely have more staff who can help find the right product for you.

Once you have chosen a pair that you like, you should take good care and keep them in a special package. Try dangling a bit of thread while you are not holding it taut. Then, use the shears to cut the thread. If your shears are not sharp, you should bring them to the sharpener.

Questions & Answers For Sharpening Thinning Scissors

Question: How do you know if your scissors need to be sharpened or not?

Answer: If your scissors are tugging at the tips and bending the hair or pushing the blade down, you may feel gritty.

QuestionHow can I maintain my scissors' sharpness so they last for longer?

Answer: Use a soft or chamois cloth to wipe your scissor. Clipper oil can be used. Keep scissors in the holster or scissor case. It is not a good idea if you keep scissors on the cart, in a drawer, or on your desk next to any solution/comb jar. The tension should be checked once a week.
They shouldn't be lent.

QuestionHow often should I sharpen my scissors every day?

Answer: If you love cutting and are constantly busy, it is important to check your scissors twice a year. This will help ensure better results and a more pleasant cutting experience.

QuestionCan texture and thinning shears be sharpened or can they be trimmed?

Answer: Yes, provided they're of high quality. The same process applies for texturizing, thinning, and shaping scissors. Both blades should be balanced and sharpened.

The tension should be adjusted correctly to ensure the best results from your texture.

You should adjust the tension of these shears to compensate for the gap between your regular shears. Do not allow these shears get loose. Too much tension can cause the straight cut blade to "hang over" the toothed edge. The blades won't close completely if your teeth hang up on the straight knife. This can also cause them tangle or pull hair, particularly at the tip. Do not apply too much pressure to your thumb while cutting.

How To Sharpen Thinning Shears At Home

These shears are essential when they are used frequently. They need to be regularly sharpened. A scissor-sharpening device is the best tool to sharpen a pair.

  • Thinning shears are essential in hair salons.
  • It's easy to identify a pair of thinning Shears because it looks like any ordinary pair of scissors. However, it has a metal, comb-like blade which performs a vital function.

Tip: If you don't have an electronic sharpener, the flat blade can still be sharpened with a manual scissor-sharpener.

The flat blade should be placed in the scissor slot of the sharpening gadget. All scissor Sharpeners work in different ways, but they all have the same basic design. Just slide the flat knife into the slot. Adjust the blade size knob, so it fits well.

Turn on and off the grinding wheel. To sharpen the flat blade, choose the hone setting and the deburr setting. After the machine has completed its work, turn the grinding wheels off.

Use a sharpener wand to make the comb blade sharper. On the angle that the comb blade is, slide it in and out of each comb slot. To remove burrs and get the desired edge, stroke each blade 4 to 6 times.

Rinse your shears under cold water. Apply a thin coat of lubricant/honing oils to the shears. To remove any debris left from sharpening, wipe the shears with a clean rag. You should apply the lubricant at the centre screw to preserve its functionality before you store your shears.

  • Turn on the grinder.
  • Apply a thin layer of lubricant or oil to the shears.


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