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October 06, 2019 3 min read

Scissors are a crucial part of everyday life, whether you are working in the garden, cutting hair or dressmaking. The majority of shears used today is for hairdressing, and that’s what Japan Scissors focuses on, but we are curious about how else these tools are used by different professions and wanted to investigate this further.

Scissors come in various shapes and forms:

  • Hair Cutting Scissors
  • Hair Thinning Scissors
  • Trimming Shears
  • Gardening Shears
  • Fabric Shears
  • Medical Scissors
  • Nail Clippers/Shears
  • Cooking Scissors

With so many different forms of scissors used every day in Australia, we’re curious to see what interesting professions are paying top dollar for high quality shears.

Hairdressers and Barbers

So the most obvious profession for using scissors are  Hairdressers  and  Barbers. A typical pair of hair cutting scissors costs an estimated $200. The higher the price the better quality steel, tension adjusters, ergonomics and sharper convex edge.

The haircutting scissors are what people usually see when going to a barber or hairdresser. The thinning scissors are typically used on thicker and curlier hair. The most commonly sold and used hairdressing scissors is the cutting shear.

Here are 3 examples of hairdressing scissors used in Australia in 2019:

Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Scissor

Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Shears

Juntetsu Hair Cutting Scissor

 Juntetsu Hair Cutting Shears

Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissor

Jaguar Pre Style hairdressing scissors


Restaurant Chefs

Just like hairdressers and barbers with scissors, cooks focus on the highest quality knives to prepare the tastiest food. Cooks also use kitchen scissors and shears. The chef scissors have serrated blades that make it easier to butcher meat, bread, fruits and vegetables. Typically these are a safer alternative to knives as it has better grip and you are less likely to cut yourself when slipping.


In Chinese and Korean cooking culture, they typically use kitchen shears to cut vegetables, meats and noodles while grilling and/or making soups (hotpot).


Even for using scissors at home, if you are cutting vegetables or meats, these kitchen shears will give you more control, keep your hands clean and are much safer to use.


Here are a few of the popular Kitchen Shears used by professionals in Australia:

Kitchen Cooking Chef Shears


Kitchen 2019 Modern Scissors


Gardening Shears

One of the oldest and most well-known uses of scissors is for gardening. Dating back 2000 years ago, the Romans used similar shears for gardening, shearing animals and textiles. The Japanese have been using Bonsai scissors as a part of their traditional culture and these are probably the most famous gardening shears.

Nowadays the most expensive and most sought after scissors are used in the legal Australian Cannabis industry. The Australian Cannabis industry is valued at almost $2b AUD in 2019 and they use the highest quality gardening shears to meet the quality-control standards set by the government.

Gardening Scissors are typically used for trimming. They come as large as hedge trimming shears and as small as bonsai trimming scissors that are made for precision. Gardening shears can cost up to awhopping $35,000 USD. With the legalisation of Cannabis in the ACT and a potential agricultural economy boom due to this, we expect that gardening shears are going to become highly sought after. Perhaps in the future, Japan Scissors will deliver high quality gardening scissors, just like we have high quality hairdressing shears.

Here are a few examples of gardening scissors used in Australia:

Gardening Shears Use For Trimming Plants


Bonsai Plant Trimming Shears

James Adams
James Adams

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