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How to Measure Hairdressing Scissors

While style and colour are important aspects to consider when purchasing scissors, size is easily the most important. The size and length of the blade are essential.

It can be hard to know what size scissors to buy. These are the instructions.

The Japan Scissors team provides the most accurate information on measuring hair scissor sizes.

This is how to measure scissors, how to measure the length of scissor blades, dimensions, and many other details so it will be easier to choose the right one for you. Let's get to it!

Some stylists prefer to use short scissors, while others prefer longer scissor lengths. It all depends on what type of cutting you are doing. Measure the size of the scissor from the tip of its blade to the longest finger hole. The finger rest is not included.

Place a pair of scissors in your palm. The finger hole should touch the base of your thumb. The tip of the blade should be in your middle finger.

Begin at the point where the finger rest (or the tang) attaches to the frame for the finger hole. Move to the tip. Compared with standard handles, scissors with crane handles will often have a shorter blade length than the overall length. It is essential to measure the blade length of scissors, not the overall length.

Why is it so important to choose the right scissors?

The most important tool for barbers and hairdressers is the Scissors. It is just as crucial for a surgeon that a scalpel or paintbrush is for a painter.

That is why we have created this importance guide on how to measure your scissors with your hand to find the best fit!

It's only natural to want your scissors to be as easy to use as you can. Choosing the right scissors can make or break your hairstyle.

How to choose hairdressing scissors?

Let's say you are about to begin a shift at the salon. It's a typical day, except that you bought a brand new pair of scissors.

You notice something is not right after your first cut. The hair didn't look perfect after the cut - the split ends remain even though the cut was completed!

Your career is over if you use low-quality shears. This is precisely why you should invest in the best right away! You will end up looking like the hairdresser in the picture above. 

When choosing the right pair, quality is just one factor to consider. There are many more.

The next thing to think about is the style of hair you prefer. This will help you choose the right hair cutting scissors for you. Are you a master at creating layers with soft edges? Perhaps you prefer to use more blunt styles. You might be unsure, but you have the ability to create almost anything. If so, it's worth getting a set.

It would be best if you also considered whether your scissors should be left-handed or right-handed. You don't want them to be difficult to hold while cutting hair, which will reflect in your hairstyle.

You must also consider the size. This is the main point of the article. It might be not easy to choose the right size hairdressing scissors, but it is possible. Use any hairdressing scissors that you may have.

Place the fingers on your palm so that the thumb hole touches your thumb. The tip of the blade should touch the end of your middle finger.

You can also use this method to determine the perfect size for your barber scissors.

How to Measure Hairdressing Scissors

After you have determined the size of your scissors, measure them to determine which pair to order online. A ruler is the best tool to measure scissors. Place the ruler and scissors parallel to one another. Now you will know how long your scissors should be.

Measurements of scissors should be taken from the finger hole to the tip. Never add the finger rest on top of your measurements. The original German method included the finger rest. It has been popular lately to sell hairdressing scissors that have a screw-on finger rest.


  • There are so many different things that seem to affect whether a hairdresser will buy one brand of hair cutting scissors or which hairdressing scissor sets. It truly seems like something where you not only have to have the training, but the experience to get your tools in order. I think it would be good to have an experienced hairdresser accompany you when you buy them in the store. Do they even cover this in hairdressing school?


    Angel Jenkins

  • I only recently found out about this. I thought most hair-cutting scissors were the same, just used different ways depending on the style. With this newly found information, I have to wonder about weight now. Do you think weight factors in here or are most is not all hair cutting scissors a similar weight depending on the length/size you get? I am new to cutting hair, I started learning from a friend who is a hairstylist but she swears she never heard of length or weight mattering. I think she is wrong based on what I have read.


    Sara P.

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