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July 09, 2019 4 min read

Guide to Hairdressing Pouches, Holsters & Cases.

For hair cutting professionals, hairdressing cases, holsters & pouches keep your beautiful hairdressing shears warm, cosy and safe during the cold winter months. To hairdressers Scissors are the extensions of your hands, a paintbrush for a simple trim or a completely new style (restyle), every hairdresser and barber need the best scissors! Not only are the best scissors needed, but they also require protection and practical storage, this is where the premium leather products come into play.     

For experienced professional barbers and hairdressers, one of the most overlooked aspects of scissors purchases is the protective measure to keep these scissors sharp and safe all year round. Scissors sheaths (e.g. pouches, cases, holster etc.) are extremely important as they protect your excellent cutting edge from the elements of nature! Leather is a traditional material used for many cutting edges, be it knives, swords, arrowheads, and our much loved Japanese cutting shears. There are many good aspects to the leather scissors pouches, it looks aesthetic, welcomes your hands with a lovely feeling and smells pleasing… giving that symbolism of cowboys and ruggedness.

However, while those all sound great, from a practical point of view, leather won’t damage your expensive scissors and scratch the valuable blade! Leather is slightly flexible, whereas other materials such as fake leather (pleather) are very flexible allowing the blade to rattle around in the sheath a lot more. On a busy day when you are running back and forward with your scissors holster equipt, this is the last thing you want for your blades! Therefore, your scissors will hardly move inside a leather scissors holster and it won’t affect the sharpness of the blade. Some additional benefits are the reduction of noise caused by the firmness of leather, while plastic scissors holsters clang and clash your scissors together, leather is smooth and quite all day long, this like many other reasons is why hunters prefer it for their knives too! Gotta be able to sneak out the back during a hair cut and have some more coffee to keep you going ;). 


pleather meme


There is one caveat to leather and that is it needs to be maintained like your hairdressing scissors! Much like the move gremlins avoid excessive exposure to water and don’t allow your cowhide to sit in the sun for long periods of time otherwise it will dry out and crack. Follow these simple steps and apply Leather conditioner or cream moisturizes every 6 - 12 months and you are golden! 


leather moisturiser

A well-maintained leather scissors holster should last a lifetime if treated with care and respect, much like a good pair of shears. Much like our skin, Leather moisturisers are great at preventing drying-out/cracking and are to be gently rubbed into the leather like you would your own hands. The leather scissors holster will soak up the moisturising agent making this invaluable tool fit and healthy all year round.

At Japan Scissors we try to make the process of choosing new leather case, holster or pouch a lot easier with our collection of a premium quality genuine leather hide. We avoid pleather materials and focus only on the materials our ancestors would have used, not only is it better for the environment unlike synthetics, it looks amazing!  


Finding the right holster for your hairdressing scissors? You’ve come to the right place!

To perform at your best in the hairdressing industry, you will need to find the right pair of scissors, and with this, you also need to find the right home for them too when they are not in your hands.

 Orange & Black Leather Scissors Holster


With the above images, you can get an idea of the different types of leather scissors holders available. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to one type of protective cases, with many unique styles and sleeve variants these combinations can be accommodated to your needs. 

So How Do I Choose The Best Leather Product For Me?

At the end of the day, it comes down to two factors, how many scissors you want to store and for what purpose. For example, if you want something lightweight and also mobile a holster is the best cases scenario.




As can be seen from all the images above, we have a range of holsters with varying scissors capacities and colour to suit all your needs. However, if the idea of lugging around your scissors at your hip is not for you, we also have leather pouches and cases too!




While these scissors cases and pouches lack practical mobility during a hair cut, they still provide the most important service of them all, keep your precious scissors safe and sound. Similar to the scissors holsters, we also have a variety of sizes and designs of cases and pouches too. At the end of the day, when the suns going down and you're tired the last thing you want to worry about  “have I damaged my expensive shears by bumping them or scratching them against something”. Avoid the hassle and drama and protect them today! Don’t settle for second best pleather products, just like a painter your brush is how you communicate your craft, keep it safe and clean otherwise it will show on your canvas.

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James Adams is an author for Japan Scissors. He focuses on writing informational content on Hairdressing scissors for beginners and professionals.

James Adams
James Adams

James is an experienced writer for hairdressing and barbers. He has a great passion for premium hair scissors, and his favourite brands to cover are Kamisori, Jaguar Scissors and Joewell. He teaches and informs people about scissors, hairdressing and barbering in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

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