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How Do You Blend With Thinning Scissors?

Blending means blending shorter hair with longer hair. Blending is essential for stylists and barbers.

To blend hair, you need a good quality pair of hair thinning scissors.

A majority of men's haircuts use blending. You can choose to have a tapered line, shorter sides, layered tops, or a full-length fade. For customers who have different hair lengths, clippers are ideal for creating a seamlessly blended look. The layers of shorter hair require that you know how to use thinning shears to achieve this look.

How To Blend Hair With Thinning Scissors

A new type of haircut for men is the one that leaves the tops shorter but the sides very short. This, and many other similar looks, requires you to blend.

The most popular technique for blending hair is the clipper over or scissor-over comb technique. This allows you to get to the desired areas and to remove excess weight. It all comes down to the tool position! It is all about the tool position!

Blend the sides of a man who is thinning/balding at the top. The hair closest to the horseshoe should be cut shorter than the rest. As you would with a long, layered haircut, pick the hair straight up.

You can blend a fade by using thinning shears. This will remove some of the bulk from the hairline. The hair will blend together and the client will be satisfied once the excess weight has been removed.

You don't need to touch the top of your hair to achieve a good blend. There are many sizes of clipper blades that you can use to blend your hair.

  1. Use the longest clipper handle to cover the entire side and back. Switch to the shortest guard.
  2. Take a step back and remove about 1 inch from the top of your sides and back. This will give the appearance of a tapered look.
  3. Blend the bottom edges using the shortest protection and blend it back with the rest.
  4. The guard is not necessary if you want to remove the excess hair from your neck and around the ears with your clippers.

Blending Bulky Hair

One use for the scissors is to blend the hair. This is where the barber takes a single section of hair and pulls it away from the head or body. Take the ends of hair and hold them between your fingers. Use the other hand to grab the thinning knives and apply them horizontally to the ends. You can also trim the hair slightly inwardly at the outer corners, shaping and thinning the ends as required. You can do this by going through each section, taking one inch at a stretch starting at the outer corner. This will allow you to thin it and then texturize it.

Blending: Thinner Your Hair with Scissors

Another option is to use scissors on a section of hair that is longer than the ends. This can be helpful in thinning a hairstyle that is too thick or unruly, and give it a more defined appearance. Once again, the hair is divided into sections. If you have long hair or thick hair, clippers can be used. To hold each section steady, the barber can use the comb to comb through the hair. While the scissors are removing weight and volume, the barber can also use the comb. The barber can hold each hair section and point the tip of the thinning shaver towards the ceiling. This cuts the hair at about half-way up each hair. The same section can be cut with its tip facing downwards. The hair can be trimmed with a natural frequency by cutting at different angles using the thinning scissors. Once you are satisfied with the result, combing through your hair.

Blending Hair Tips

You can separate sections of your hair by using your hands instead of a comb to achieve softer ends. For a more natural appearance, trim the ends.

If you are cutting into the middle length of the hair, take it easy. It may cause too much damage to the current hairstyle.

Blending scissors are used to cut the hair beneath your crown. If the crown is too high, your layers might be too short.

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