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Can Scissors Damage Your Hair? Avoid Split Ends

One of the scariest things when cutting hair is the potential to damage or cause split-ends.

Repairing hair is always a tragic story where the protagonist, you, have to survive weeks before your hair grows back.

With stories like this, more and more people are asking us "do scissors damage your hair or cause split ends?"

So we have decided to create this quick article around scissors that damage your hair!

What scissors damage your hair and cause split ends?

An old cheap pair of hair scissors

Whether you are a professional, casual hairdresser or barber, or a home hairdressing enthusiast, we all know the importance of having the right pair of scissors when cutting.

A lot can go wrong with your scissors, and there are different ways to care for a pair of well cutting hair shears to maintain them. But sometimes we forget, and when we forget, something can go wrong.

Forgetting to maintain good hair scissors can easily damage your hair ends over time.

Purchasing cheap hair scissors with poor blades can damage your hair ends.

Using regular house, kitchen, fabric or craft scissors can also damage your hair ends.

There are so many different hair scissors, its hard to choose the right one. Then learning how to maintain the scissors as well? Sounds tough!

No need to fear! I am here to break down everything you need to know to avoid buying and using scissors that damage your hair!

Choosing the right type of scissors

Choosing the right type of hair scissors

There are many different types of scissors out there, some are better are cutting fabric, others paper, and the best are for cutting hair.

People assume that hair scissors and regular scissors are the same, but the design and blades are made specifically for safe haircutting.

Using cheap scissors or scissors not made to cut hair can cause cuticle damage and split ends around the sections being cut.

Right after cutting your hair with the wrong scissors, the ends look healthy and fine. The ends of your hair are 10 times more likely to split, which means you will have to keep trimming as they appear, and it becomes a repetitive circle.

You can avoid causing damage and split ends by using the right scissors that are made to cut hair!

What happens when you don't maintain your hair scissors?

Even if you have a nice working pair of hair scissors, if you don't maintain them, you can cause damage to the ends of your hair.

A new pair of hair scissors have ultra-sharp blades. The sharp edges of hair scissors allow you to cut through hair fibres effortlessly.

A blunt or damaged scissor will tear through hair causing permanent damage on the hair ends, even if you can't see this immediately.

After one to two weeks of cutting your hair with blunt scissors, your hair will begin to look rough, frayed and show split ends.

So how can you avoid damaging your hair scissors? 

  • Do not use your hair scissors on anything other than hair.
  • Cutting paper or fabric with hair scissors can damage the blade edges.
  • Do not use your hair scissors to cut wigs or weaves from hair extensions, even if its real human hair.

A quick side-note for people with hair extensions, some salons might not have scissors for weaves, so you might need to bring your own or have a dedicated pair just for weaves.

You can stop your scissors from damaging your hair by maintaining them with the following steps:

  1. clean your scissors after cutting
  2. use alcohol or something similar to santise your scissors
  3. lightly oil the blade, especially important before storing your scissors away for weeks or months
  4. When the scissors start becoming blunt, you can hand sharpen or have a professional sharpen them for you

You can read more about the different types of hair scissors here!

Buying a pair of hair scissors that works for you

There are a lot of different kinds of hair scissors that will not damage your hair. 

The most common types of scissors that are safe for cutting hair are:

Investing in a pair of hairdressing scissors that don't damage your hair can save you money over time. Maintaining and caring for your scissors will have them become your best friend and cutting companion for many years to come.

Let me know if you have any feedback on your scissors! Send us your experience with a good pair of scissors or a bad pair that damaged your hair down in the comments below!


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