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Do You Get A Better Shave With A Straight Razor? 5 Reasons Why!

Simply put, shaving with a straight razor is an entirely different experience than shaving using any other type of razor. While it has a learning curve and it's certainly not for every man, the reality is that it's genuinely worth it. 

No matter if you're just looking for a better and closer shave or for the cleanest shave, there are many different reasons why a lot of men are using a straight razor. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Straight Razor

Straight razor for shaving at home

1. Get Closer Shaves

There's no question that this is one of the most prominent and notorious reasons why so many men are changing to a straight razor. In case you never tried it before, or you just want to see how it goes first, just heads to a local barber and see the results for yourself. 

2. Get Complete Control Of The Performance

Most men love to be in control - it's a fact. But while using a straight razor isn't as intuitive as using any other type of razor, over time, you will have complete control over your shave.  

Ultimately, with a straight razor, you can control not only the pressure, the angle, but many other factors as well. 

3. You Can Save Money

While checking the price of a straight razor may hold you down, you actually need to see it as n upfront investment. After all, as long as you take good care of it, your straight razor will last for years. 

Notice that you will still need to buy shaving cream or shaving soap. But your spending will be a lot more limited. 

Most people are worried about the environment, and we keep doing things to protect it as much as we can. Using a straight razor is one of those things. After all, have you ever imagined the number of cartridge razor heads that are discarded every single year? 

4. It's Relaxing

Man using a straight razor at home in front of a mirror

While most men don't see shaving as a relaxing activity, it can indeed become it. 

You should keep in mind that when you are using a straight razor, there is an entire ritual that makes it relaxing. You will be so focused on it and on you that you will forget about the problems and things you have to do. You can even see it as that time of the day that you dedicate to yourself, and you just ignore the entire world that is out there. 

5. Helps Prevent Skin Irritation & Ingrown Hairs

While there are many reasons for ingrown hairs, the main one is using a multi-blade razor. After all, if you think about their mechanism, they simply hold the hair and pull it. Ultimately, you are cutting the hair follicle under the skin which will grow back at any angle or as ingrown hair. On the other hand, when you are shaving with a straight razor, this won't only happen because you just can't lift that hair up. 

When you are using a cutthroat or a straight razor, you are not only paying more attention to what you are doing as you aren't continually passing over the same area. 

The truth is that when you use a cartridge razor, it usually has 3, 4, or more blades. This means that even if you just shave once each area of your face, it will be like if you shaved 3, 4, or more times. 

Conclusion: Will you get a better shave with a straight razor?

Straight razors are extraordinary. The shave's not really closer, but rather it's smoother and keeps going longer. Shave at the sink, not in the shower, and keep a hot towel prepared. Start with a pre-shave oil or cream, and apply it with a badger hair brush to pull the hair away from the face.

Straight shaving is cleaner than shaving with a cartridge or electric razors, lessening the danger of normal skin contaminations like ingrown hairs, razor consume and razor knocks. Wellbeing bars, greasing up strips, numerous sharp edges and engines are hard to clean and can stop up with hair, skin, cleanser, and earth.

Straight razors take 2 years to get less expensive even than twofold edge razors. For somebody who shaves less much of the time and just uses another expendable razor each second shave then the financial aspects change to some degree, however will in any case wind up ahead after 2 years with a relentless razor.

A more honed sharp edge is basically predominant. Three additional cutting edges less sharp is as yet mediocre compared to one more keen edge. Most straight razor shaves most recent 2 days. In addition, you are running a sharp edge across skinless, subsequently diminishing possibilities for cuts, missed patches, and aggravation.

Without a doubt, you can shave each day with a straight razor. That is the means by which they did it before wellbeing razors were imagined. It bodes well that the less sharp edges which are interacting with your facial hair means to a lesser degree a possibility for bothering.

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