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Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Hair Cutting Scissors

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  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Offset Ergonomics
STEEL Vanadium steel
SIZE 5", 5.5" and 6" Inch
CUTTING EDGE Slice cutting edge
BLADE Integrated cutting edge, convex blade
FINISH Polished finish

  • Description

Jaguar Germany Scissors create the best professional hairdressing and barber shears for Australia and New Zealand. The Jaguar Hair Cutting scissors are made with German steel are carefully crafted to produce effortless cuts.

The Jaguar Gold Line Diamond Cutting Scissor is forged with higher quality German steel and ice is used during the forging process to increase its sharpness.

The blade has maximum and extremely long-lasting sharpness with its Convex edge for an effortless cut. The unique integrated cutting edge, convex blade gives everlasting sharpness and effortless cuts.

Ergonomic Classic handles, angles the finger and thumb rings for an optimum relaxed working posture, without pressure marks.