The Best Upcoming Hair Scissor Websites For Hairdressers & Barbers 2021

The best upcoming hairdressing and barber scissor online stores across the world! Are you looking for reliable, safe and the best priced online hair scissors stores across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA?

We have put together our top list of hairdressing scissor stores. Even though we do sell online hair scissors, we have excluded ourselves. Because what's the point of awarding yourself a gold medal?! 

What should you look for in a reliable hair scissor store?

There are many new and old online retail stores that sell hairdressing and barber scissors, but what are the qualities that professionals look for when choosing a supplier?
  • High-quality hair scissor products
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping
  • Easy returns and exchanges because we know how hard it is to find a perfect fitting scissor
  • A good collection of brands 

This seems like a common practice, but its not always that easy to find a reliable scissor store that consistently delivers high-quality service and hair products.

The best upcoming online hair scissor stores

Back by popular demand, we have produced the world's best upcoming online scissor store list for 2021! You can expect to find high-quality scissors at the best prices, and also unique styles or models that you can't find elsewhere.
  1. JP SCISSORS USA: The upcoming best online scissor store with a great collection of Japanese scissors
  2. The Japan Scissor Shop Canada: Premium Japanese and international scissors available up in the great north!
  3. Salon Scissors Australia: A unique online hair scissor store that provides premium hair tools to salon professionals
  4. Barber Scissors Australia: An online platform for professional barbers buying hair scissors
  5. Japan Shears Australia: focuses on bringing Japanese shears and scissor products to Australia hairdressing and barber professions.
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