The Best Sharpening Service In Sydney, NSW

Scissor Sharpening Service in Sydney, NSW
Hairdressing scissor sharpeners in Sydney are specialists in bringing scissors back to life! Often a sharpener can dismantle a pair of hair scissors, clean, inspect and sharpen within 20-30 minutes.

After this sharpening service, will return your pair quickly and have them cutting hair almost as good as new.

It takes training, experience and real talent to be able to effectively sharpen hairdressing scissors with Bevel or Convex edge blades, so when hair professionals find a reliable sharpener, they don't let go!

At Japan Scissors, we receive a lot of requests about recommending a scissor sharpening service in the Sydney and New South Wales area. 

What does the best sharpening service offer?

  • Professional sharpening service that returns your scissors in better condition than when you originally received them
  • Sharpening convex edge and bevelled edge shears
  • Matching factory angles
  • Hand honed ride lines
  • Properly dismantling the shears 
  • Inspecting shears under magnification to properly diagnose any sharpness issues with the blades
  • Cleaning the scissors prior to sharpening
  • Sharpening Left Handed Scissors

We are on the search for the best hairdressing sharpening service in Sydney!

If you know or can recommend a sharpening service that every hairdresser in Sydney or NSW needs to know about, contact us at!


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