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The Best Length For Hair Cutting Scissors

The best lengths of hair scissors

With so many hair cutting techniques and styles in the industry, its hard to know what the best length is for hair cutting scissors.

The best length for hair cutting scissors is 6" (six inches). This length of hair scissors fits male and female and is suited to the majority of hairdresser and barber techniques. 

Whether you are a professor, apprentice or a home hairdressing enthusiast, the best length for hair cutting scissors is 6 inches.

6" inch hairdressing scissors is best for cutting line, weight line, wedge, blunt cuts and thinning.

What makes this the best length for scissors? A moderate length blade this isn't too short for over the comb or too long for point and cuts.

When looking for the best lengtj of hair cutting scissors, it really depends on your preferences. 

Most prefer an all-rounder like the 6" hair cutting scissor.

Others prefer a 7" inch long blade hair scissor and will easily demonstrate its ability to perform any hair cutting technique. 

The reality is that there isn't a huge difference between a 6" blade and a 5" or 7" blade, but most people avoid the extremes and stick to an comfortable average length.

The 6" length hair cutting scissors is the most commonly ordered size with over 4000 being ordered from Japan Scissors each year.

The best hair cutting scissor length is 6" inches and this is suited to professionals or amateurs.