Japanese Shears Manufacturers

The most popular and high quality hairdressing scissors are often made by Japanese shears manufacturers. 

What makes Japanese shears manufacturers different from the rest?

  • Handcrafted by artisans 
  • Premium Japanese steel that is world famous and used in cars, planes, medical equipment, chef knives and hairdressing scissors
  • Pride in the quality of their work

There are many points that make Japanese scissor manufacturers stand out above the rest. 

If you are in need of custom scissors or wish to produce your own brand of hair cutting Shears that are made in Japan, contact us!

Our most popular hairdressing scissor brands that are 100% designed and produced in Japan are:

  • Joewell Shears
  • Yasaka Seiki Scissors
  • Fuji MoreZ
  • Yamato Scissors
  • Hikari Scissors

There are a lot of brands that use Japanese names or the term "Japanese scissors", but they are not always made in Japan by shear manufacturers. 

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