Hairdressing Scissors in Perth, Australia

Perth has one of Australia's highest demands for hairdressing scissors at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for Jaguar, Ichiro, Joewell, Yasaka or Mina hairdressing scissors, we have a pair to suit everyone's needs.

We ship from West Perth and our Sydney locations express to you in Perth, WA.

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The city of Perth is home to the best hairdressing scissor companies

From home hairdressing scissors at $50 or $150, to to professional hair cutting scissors at $200 to $300, we have a warehouse in Perth to deliver it next day! 

Hairdressing scissors from Japan straight to your doorstep in Perth.There are various types of hair scissors to suit all hair cutting techniques.

24-48 hours after purchasing, we can have your new pair of hair scissors at your door.

Browse our full collection of affordable and professional hair cutting scissors. Made by Perth hair professionals for Perth hair professionals. 

Hairdressing Beauticians, barbers, hairdressers and salon specialists in Perth all need the sharpest cutting tools for the best haircuts. 



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