Do Barbers Use Thinning Shears?

The image of barbers includes a pair of shears, neck razors and a beard, but do you need thinning or texturizing scissors in a barbershop?

Why do barbers always use thinning scissors?

  • Barbers use thinning scissors to help remove thick blocks of hair 
  • Barbers use thinning scissors to help texturize your hair
  • Barbers use it to blend, to provide you with a nice softer look
  • Barbers can also use thinning scissors to add "internal layers" to give more character to hairstyles

Nowadays men and women both visit Barbershops, and barbers can use thinning shears.

Barber thinning shears


Barbers use thinning scissors for thick hair with a medium to long length. So if you have shoulder length thick and curly hair, you barber might bring out a trusty pair of thinning shears.

Thinning shears vary based on the amount of teeth. The more teeth the finer the thinning and less teeth means the scissors will take bigger chunks of hair.

Is It Ok To Tell My Barber Not To Use Thinning Scissors?

You can ask your barber to not use clippers, so you shouldn't be afraid of asking them not to use thinning or texturizing scissors while cutting your hair.

Barbers use thinning scissors to add more texture and a smoother look, but similar things can be done with normal hair cutting scissors. 

If you ask your barber not to use thinning scissors, then the results will be slightly different. So why ask your barber about the difference thinning scissors will make for your hairstyle.

Should you expect your barber to have a pair of thinning scissors?

Generally, yes, as barbers should use thinning scissors to thin out their clients long and thick hair.

As a barber, you want to be capable of handling every client that sits in your chair.

Thinning hair is a simple and easy process where you locate regions of thick hair, take your thinning shears and thin out until you can see a notable difference.

Barbers thin out their clients hair when it gets to thick and curly, and also during summer to keep them cooler. Nobody likes a thick head of hair during a hot summer's day!

There are a lot of small corner Barbershops that only use a pair of cutting shears and a neck razor on their clients.

Always ask ahead of time and I'm sure the barber will tell you if they are capable of cutting your hair.

Barber thinned my hair too much with shears.

What should you do if your barber over-thinned your hair with thinning shears? 

Communication is always important, especially if its your regular barber, so explaining what happened will help avoid this in the future.

Compared to cutting to much length off with hair cutting scissors, thinning or texturizing too much will visibly grow back faster.

Waiting one to two weeks and the thinning hair should come back to the point that it then becomes easier to style your hair again.

Conclusion: Do barbers use thinning shears?

Yes, barbers most certainly do use thinning scissors.

At the point when I'm styling somebody's hair, I here and there use thinning shears to soften the sides of the hair style, particularly around the ears.

That way, your trim resembles it's half a month old right when you venture out of the barbershop, instead of having a ultra tight syle haircut — you know, with hard, calculated lines around the ears and on the rear of the neck.

Thiining barber shears are likewise incredible for blending and fading sides with the longer top hair, so don't be frightened if your barber whips them out towards the finish of the hair style.

Everyone doesn't conform to crew or buzz cuts, so a pair of thinning and texturizing scissors are a crucial member of their toolkit.

Barbers will use thinning shears on clients with thick and curly hair. Thinning out medium to long hair keeps the head cool during summer and also helps with styling.

Barbers cut all types of hair styles, so a thinning shear is just as important as their cutting scissors.

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