Are titanium Scissors Better?

Titanium coated hair scissors

When looking hairdressing or barber shears, Titanium scissors are really common, but are they better at cutting?

The truth is, no scissors are pure titanium. Most of the cheaper titanium scissors just use a colour coating and no titanium addition. Only the highest end premium scissors may have a light titanium coating in its blade that keeps the cutting edge sharper for longer.

We see new brands, models and hairdressing scissors appear everyday, and unfortunately this isn't always a good thing.

New models coming from China, India and Pakistan feature a "titanium" design, but this is just a colour coating and doesn't improve on the cutting performance.

Titanium is incredibly rare and expensive, so only the premium scissors valued over $1,000 include this feature.

Titanium coated scissors is better for cutting, staying sharper for longer. The quality is unparalleled as the blade has incredible hardness and durability. 

Titanium scissors are both lightweight and hard enough to cut through hair without wearing down the blade. 

Overall, titanium shears are the highest in quality, cutting performance and sharpness.

Which is better titanium or stainless steel scissors?

What is the upside of having a titanium pair of scissors over a hardened steel pair of scissors?

Titanium hair scissors would be lighter than stainless steel scissors.

What's more, they may be gradually to some degree more grounded. They probably won't hold an edge well, especially a sharper convex or concave blade.

The main difference is cost, and next to that is them general use of titanium in hair scissors.

Titanium is worth five to ten times more than the typical steel used to manufacture hairdressing scissors.

In the event that you really need a pair of titanium scissors, then you would get a pair that is resistant to corrosion, is incredibly lightweight, and only holds a moderately sharp blade.

Since titanium metal is much softer than carbon steel used for normal hair scissors, it would not hold a sharp blade edge for long.

Titanium scissors would, however, be more resistant to physical damage.

Titanium fortified scissor edges have some titanium artistic on them like bores use (titanium nitride, titanium diboride, and so forth) At that point they get a non-stick covering.

If you're cutting something that would profit by a lower grating covering (exactness cutting with scissors?) or you have regularly dulled scissors then there isn't an advantage to titanium scissors over stainless steel.

Most "titanium scissors" are not titanium but rather titanium nitride or comparable coatings.

At that point you will probably not see an improvement from the covered cutting edges as they will in general utilize milder/more vulnerable steel and simply coat it so it will really scratch/divert more.

Be that as it may if your scissors are just utilized on delicate things like hair and they have no harm to the edge, simply light wear, at that point you may see profit by the covering.

There are many reasons why you don't see titanium scissors available for hairdressers and barbers. The main reason is cost, and the second is that the steel isn't made for holding a shape blade edge for haircutting.

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