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Jaguar White Line Scissors - Japan Scissors

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Jaguar White Line Scissors - Japan Scissors

The Jaguar White Line is moving into the professional style and design with a higher quality of steel, ergonomics for relaxed working postures and sharper blades.

The white line scissors make up 60% of Jaguar sales in Australia. They are the popular and affordable professional Shears.

The Solingen white line series includes the Satin, Satin Plus, JaguArt (Jaguart Art) and JP 38 scissor models.

White line jaguar scissors cover a wide range of styles:

  • Convex edge blade
  • Stainless chromium steel
  • Offset and Traditional ergonomics 
  • Lightweight 
  • Satin finish

So if you are looking for the unique german styles that the white line hairdressing scissora offer, we have the complete list of products available in Australia.

Everything you need to know about Jaguar White Line Scissors

Within Jaguar Scissors there are multiple collections, such as the Jay 2, Pre Style and White Line. The Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting shears and Thinning scissors sets are one of the most popular in Australia (AUS) and New Zealand (NZ) for hairdressers and barbers.

The Pre Style Ergo and Pre Style Relax Jaguar Scissors are extremely popular for barbers and hairdressers as they come in multiple sizes from 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” inches and are very versatile to be used in many cutting situations.

The Jaguar White Line is the most popular scissors sets with a reasonable price between $150 to $250 and includes the Satin, Satin Plus, Satin Plus E, Charm, Smart, JP, Silver ICE, Sterling, Pastell Plus (Viola, Candy, Chilli, Pink, Lava and Blue Lagoon), CM 40 (CM40) and JP 10 (JP10) scissor models.

These Jaguar scissors covers a large range of styles and designs to suit professional hairdressers and barbers, so if you are looking for a trusty new pair of jaguar hair cutting scissors sets, then look no further than the reliable White Line.

Jaguar (Jaguart) White Line HeartBreaker Scissor


Jaguar Satin White Line Hair Cutting Scissor

Jonathan Myers, a Salon manager in NSW, Australia with over 20+ years of experience said "Between the times I have taught student hairdressers and barbers, I found that Jaguar white line scissors were always a perfect match. They are affordable and they perform well while learning. They offer sizes and cutting styles for different situations and most importantly, they don't break easily! Whether you need scissors for barbering, hairdressing or just cutting your children's hair, these will work in any situation" on the 3rd of March.
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