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Jaguar Left Handed Scissors - Japan Scissors

Jaguar Solingen Scissors had a large range is cutting and thinning for lefty hairdressers. 

The Jaguar left hand handle design is custom made for lefties. Switching the handle so the Offset design comfortably aligns with your left hand's thumb and fingers.

The Jaguar Left Handed scissor models are affordable and high quality with a mixture of Bevel and convex edge blades.

This collection features every Left Handed Jaguar scissor in Australia.

The lefty models have unique ergonomics tailored to the left handed hairdressers.

So look no further, here is your complete list of jaguar left handed scissors and shears that include:

  • Pre style left handed
  • White line 
  • Silver line 
  • Gold line 
  • Black line

What makes jaguar left handed scissors so popular in Australia?

The unique German engineered and designed left handed grip. Using light weighted chromium steel, the handle is molded in the opposite direction to suit left handed hairdressers and barbers. 

The.lefty Jaguar handle points down and outwards to focus on relieving any tension and stress for left handed hair cutting.

The left handed design of hairdressing scissors by Jaguar Solingen Germany leaves a significant impact on the industry. There are a large number of lefty hairdressing and barber professionals that look for high quality scissors, but only Jaguar Solingen shears deliver.

Outside of the standard 5", 5.5" and 6" designs of right handed shears, Jaguar produces 5.25" and 5.75" left handed scissors. Due to the angle on left handed hairdressing, Jaguar produces left handed scissors that accurate cut and trim hair, while keeping the hairdresser comfortable. 

Overall, the conclusion is that the Jaguar Solingen Left Handed Scissors use a higher quality lefty design handle that allows for professional quality haircutting motions.

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