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Cheap High Quality Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors

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Cheap High Quality Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors
Hairdressing scissors used by professionals don't always cost $1,000. Australia now has a large range of cheap hairdressing scissors that are still used by apprentices and professionals alike.

So what is the difference between a cheap pair of hairdressing scissors and expensive professional shears?
  • Cheap hair scissors have simple stainless steel
  • They are typically heavier
  • Basic ergonomics to reduce fatigue while cutting
  • Cheap hairdressing scissors may not be as resistant to corrosion, so its important to keep them dry
  • They may become blunt faster, and so cheaper scissors require sharpening more often

There are still a lot of high quality cheap hairdressing scissors, especially if they are on sale. So we have put together an affordable list of cheaper scissors for the everyday hairdresser: These include:

  • Jaguar Scissors
  • Mina Scissors
  • Ichiro Scissors
  • Wahl
  • Iceman

When looking for a cheap and affordable pair of hairdressing scissors that will last for years to come, Japan Scissors only stock premium quality at discount prices. Find hair cutting and thinning sets under $200! 

 Japan Scissors proudly brings a collection of cheap hairdressing scissors that doesn't compromise on quality in Australia and New Zealand.

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