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The Top 3 Yasaka Hair Thinning Scissors: The Best in the World!

Are you looking for the best Yasaka thinning scissors? Look no further! Yasaka Shears is a Japanese brand that makes some of the world's finest thinning scissors.

Famous for their use of premium Japanese steel and handcraftsmanship, Yasaka shears are one of the top-selling brands in the world.

Yasaka hair thinning scissors are unique for their soft teeth that leave no signs of cutting. 

The thinning shear's use of a comb blade thins hair smoothly and leaves a clean cut - perfect for any professional hair thinning job!

In a hurry? Here is the Top 3 Yasaka Hair Shears Summarised!

The Best Japanese Yasaka Offset Thinning Scissors Yasaka Offset Hair Thinning Scissors
  • Japanese Smooth Thinning Technology
  • 100% Japanese Hardened Hitachi Steel
  • Offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue
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Yasaka YS-30 Hair Thinning Shear Yasaka YS-30 Hair Thinning Shears
  • 30 Thinning Teeth
  • Elegant design
  • Premium Japan Steel
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Yasaka SA ATS314 Premium Japanese Thinning Shears Yasaka SA Thinning Shear
  • ATS314 Cobalt Japan Steel
  • 30 Teeth with 25% Cut Ration
  • Offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue
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Why Is The Yasaka Shears Brand So Popular?

There are many reasons why Yasaka shears, otherwise known as "Yasaka Seiki Japan", is one of the most popular thinning scissor brands in the world.

First and foremost, Yasaka shears use only the finest Japanese steel in all of their products. This makes for a razor-sharp blade that stays sharp longer and cuts through hair more smoothly than any other thinning scissors on the market.

Second, Yasaka shears is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in its products. Each Yasaka shear is crafted with care and precision to ensure optimal performance from the initial design to the final product inspection.

Finally, Yasaka shears offer a unique hair thinning experience not found anywhere else. Yasaka shears leave no marks or cuts on the hair with their soft teeth and smooth cutting action. This makes them perfect for all types of hair thinning jobs, from precision work to heavy-duty thinning.

The Japanese Steel Yasaka Scissors used for their thinning scissors includes: 

  • Hitachi Steel
  • Takefu Special Steel
  • Aogami Super Blue Steel
  • SKD11 Stainless Steel
  • Swedish Sponge Iron Steel

The steel is put through sub zero treatment in a complete vacuum that benefits your thinning shears with:

  • Superior blade hardness that stays sharper for longer
  • Excellent performance while thinning away hair, leaving no signs of cutting
  • The blades sharpened effortlessly, giving your shears a longer life
  • Abrasion resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance in the salon or barbershop

If you're looking for the best Yasaka thinning scissors available, look no further than the Yasaka Shears! With premium Japanese steel and handcrafted precision, Yasaka shears offer a hair thinning experience like no other. Check out the entire collection of Yasaka hair scissors here!

The Top 5 Best Hair Thinning Scissors From Yasaka

Based on popularity and customer reviews, here are the top five Yasaka hair thinning scissors.

#1 - Yasaka Offset Thinning Shear

Yasaka YS-400 Hair Thinning Shears with an offset handle

Thin your hair with Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Thinning Scissors! These scissors use Japanese sharpened prism technology to ensure the sharpest cuts and come in three different tooth sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

With 40 teeth, these scissors are estimated to cut away 50% of your hair with each use - so you can achieve the perfect style every time.


#2 - Yasaka YS-30 Thinning Shear

Yasaka YS-30 Hair Shears

Looking for the perfect tool to thin out your hair? Look no further than the Yasaka YS-30 Thinning Shear.

Made with Japanese sharpened prism technology, these scissors will give you the sharpest and most precise cuts possible.

With a comfortable handle position that reduces stress on your wrist and elbow and lightweight construction, these scissors are effortless to use. So why wait?

Order your Yasaka YS-30 thinning scissors today!

#3 - Yasaka SA Thinning Shear

Yasaka SA Hair thinning scissor guide

Are you looking for the perfect thinning scissors? Look no further than the Yasaka SA Thinning Shear.

These precision scissors use Japanese sharpened prism technology to provide the sharpest cuts every time. With 30 teeth and a cut ratio of 25%, these shears are perfect for thinning and texturising your hair.

The ergonomic design is perfect for professionals who need to cut all day long. The lightweight and firm grip reduce pressure on your wrist and elbow, while the natural position of your fingers and thumb reduces stress.

Summary: Why You Should Choose Yasaka Hair Thinning Scissors

If you're looking for the best hair thinning scissors on the market, Yasaka shears are a perfect choice.

With Japanese steel and handcrafted precision, Yasaka shears offer a hair thinning experience like no other. Check out the complete collection of Yasaka hair scissors here!

Yasaka Design Cut shears manufactured by the Yasaka Seiki Co in Japan have a wide range of top-quality cutting and thinning scissors.

Yasaka shears come with entry-level shears that are made of 440C Stainless Steel from Hitachi, which gives soft cuts. Yasaka features two different materials for its shears made of a cobalt alloy.

The VG10 Cobalt Alloy by Takefu Special Steel is made with Swedish Sponge Iron as a raw material to make iron due to its purity, outstanding hardness, and abrasion resistance.

As well as the highest quality of shears made of the ATS-314 Cobalt Alloy, one of the most prestigious grades available at Hitachi Steel.

Yasaka scissor is the product of originality, advanced technology, forty years of experience, and an ambition to create high-quality scissors.

The Yasaka scissor can provide an extended-lasting and sturdy edge for a reasonable cost. Yasaka scissors are the preferred choice of stylists from all over the world.

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