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Yasaka's New Professional Barber Sets

Yasaka Scissors has a new Professional Barber Set! Looking for an upgrade? 7" Yasaka Barber Shear + 6" Yasaka Thinning Shear only at Japan Scissors.

Is it true that it's best to buy individual scissors to slowly build up your collection? We all find a moment when we have sent in our favourite scissors for sharpening or simply need an upgrade, but it doesn’t happen, so how do I best win in this situation? If you are looking for professional Japanese scissors, Yasaka Shears have released new sets tailored to professional hairdressers and professional barbers looking for new quality Japanese Shears.

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When interviewing John Millsner from Melbourne about what barber scissors he uses daily, he said this:
"I look for quality barber shears as I end up saving money in the long run. The sharper the cuts, the more confident I perform, means I will be able to get through more clients faster and deliver quality service that makes them keep coming back. I purchased the new Yasaka barber set from Japan Scissors and have been extremely satisfied with the quality Yasaka delivers to barbers in Australia."
The Yasaka Shears Professional Barber Set is a game changer for people looking to upgrade or replace their shears. Previously you would be looking at $500-700 per Japanese shear, but now Japan Scissors is able to bring you warehouse prices for the latest releases of Yasaka Shears. The set is available for $599 - that includes a 7” Inch Barber Shear and a 6” Inch Thinning Scissor.

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Yasaka Professional Barber Set
Barbers looking for new shears tend to go for the 7” inch barber shears as a strong cutting force. To get the best professional sharpness with your barber shears, look for high quality Japanese Shears materials, such as 440C, VG10, Cobalt etc. These Japanese Steel materials have a higher level of hardness, that means that are sharper for longer - less wear and tear. Yasaka Shears focuses on delivering high quality materials with their Japanese shears.

The Yasaka Barber shears use the highest quality Cobalt steel which makes it extremely durable and sharp addition to your scissor collection. The Yasaka thinning scissors use the 440C Japanese steel as a solid and durable piece.
Yasaka Professional 7" Inch Barber Shears
The Yasaka barber shears within this barber set have a full length thick straight blade with a convex edge. The convex edge is commonly used in Japanese Scissors and is in most Yasaka Shears.

The clam shaped blade is sharpened beyond your usual expectations and will provide smooth cuts without tugging or pulling. These Yasaka Shears are expected to last 10+ years when used daily and well maintained. These shears also come with offset ergonomics found within most Yasaka Shears that keeps your thumb in a naturally comfortable position releasing pressure off your elbow.

Yasaka YS 6" Inch Thinning Scissor
The Yasaka Thinning Scissors within this barber set has a full length straight serrated teeth edge blade. The teeth serration ensuring that each cutting is sharp and smooth without tugging.

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Yasaka and most Japanese Shears use serrated teeth as the higher quality of Japanese steel makes it sharper for longer. These also come with Yasaka Shears ergonomics that include its lightweight and offset abilities - reducing risk of repetitive action injury by keeping your cutting position natural and comfortable.


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