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June 01, 2019 3 min read

Are you looking for the best Yasaka Scissors with excellent edges? Are you looking for some scissor style and designs in the shear world? The Yasaka Scissors Australia SSS model is a uniquely styled Japanese 5.5” inch scissors. With handcrafted designs and engravings on the pair and the highest quality Japanese steel, you can’t look past the Yasaka SSS scissors.

Yasaka Scissors Australia SSS 5.5" Inch Shear
The Yasaka Scissors are the best Japanese Scissors under $500 in Australia. Yasaka Shears are handcrafted from Japanese steel and the SSS model is specifically crafted from Japanese VG10 Cobalt Stainless Steel to produce the best Yasaka Scissors Australia.

The VG10 steel has a high level of hardness and robust abilities to resist corrosion and erosion of the metals. The hardness also allows the hairdressing scissors to stay sharper for longer and continually produces the sharp clean cut with no tugging or pulling.
The best hair cutting scissors from Japan uses clam shaped convex edge blades that is commonly found in Yasaka Scissors in Australia. The extreme sharpness and quality metal is refined and processed by Yasaka Shears and the result is quality shears that will last a long time without any problems.

Yasaka Scissors Australia SSS 5.5" Inch Side View

From 4.5” inch to 7” inch shears, Yasaka Scissors produces offset and straight hair cutting scissors that will be real head turners in your hair cutting studio. If you are looking for the best Japanese Shears, then you can find Joewell and Mizutani at $1000 or more, however, Yasaka manages to retain its handcraftsmanship and quality Japanese Steel to produce the best for less!

Simplistic Japanese Scissors designs and styles for an elegant addition to your hair cutting scissors collection. Each piece is made in Nara, Japan by Yasaka the manufacturer directly and Japan Scissors Australia coordinates with Yasaka directly to procure the best quality at the best prices for Japanese scissors.

Whether you are looking for SSS Yasaka 5.5” Inch shears 7” inch barber shears, or samurai scissors reviews that explain the quality of Yasaka Scissors, check our Japan Scissors collection of Yasaka shears for professional hairdressers and barbers. Whether you are doing an apprenticeship or opening a new salon, make sure you have the best hair cutting scissors by your side in Australia.

Yasaka Scissors Australia Model SSS 5.5" Shears
Yaska leads in the shear world by producing the highest quality shears are reasonable prices. Yasaka Scissors Australia shears are among the top Japanese brands available to buy locally. Yasaka Scissors are for sale at Japan Scissors and we have over 20+ different models and sizes available straight from Japan to your doorstep.

The most popular is, of course, the Yasaka Offset Scissors or Yasaka Barber set, though these do not come in a left handed design, the left handed design is a traditional style not unlike these.

The professionals looking for excellent edges in their scissors at a reasonable price can take advantage of our local Australian stock. Looking for the best dry cut and a concave haircut - these left handed Yasaka Shears goes above and beyond your expectations to be the king of the shear world at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for scissors and shears with scissor pouches or scissor pouch in the set at the best prices, then take a look through our collection of Japanese scissors, as we offer a scissor pouch with each purchase to keep your scissors protected and safe in their unique and stylish pouch.

James Adams
James Adams

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